May 13, 2011

What part of the anti-LGBTI Anglican/other pogrom did Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi initiate?

Bishop Henry Orombi, Uganda
Some Ugandans think they must insist on exactly whom all of their brothers and sisters and fellow citizens must love.

Heterosexual  marriages or death?

On and on it goes.  The uncivilized, inhumane, unholy and deadly war/pogrom and everyday ¨witch hunt¨ against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender men and women continues in Uganda.  It also continues to reek of fear and hatemongering preached at Church and beyond Church.

Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi of Uganda has been very clear for many years regarding his opinion of LGBTI Anglicans/Christians/others in Uganda.  For Bishop Henry discrimination against LGBTI human beings begins with Gods nifty, yet exclusive, creation of sexual organs to be used only by heterosexuals:

 "People should respect nature and the great creator who modelled man and woman. He wasn't blind and he knows why he created a man's parts and a woman's parts. Why should anyone try to undo that?"  HERE

Anglican Bishop Orombi  is ¨spiritual advisor¨ to Anglican MP David Bahati

Anglican David Bahati, is the Ugandan MP (member of parliament) who proposes that gays should be murdered for being ¨chronic¨  or ¨habitual¨ homosexuals.

As author of Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill ...MP  David also serves as the "College of Prayer International" spiritual leader at the Ugandan Parliament:

 The Uganda New Vision reports the latest on David Bahati, the MP behind the proposed draconian "Anti-Homosexuality Bill"; he was among attendees at a recent prayer meeting for parliamentarians, after which eight MPs were selected to be in the servant leadership team for Parliament for three years.¨   HERE

Corruption abounds at The Anglican Church of Uganda,  Henry Luke Orombi, Archbishop

Anglican Priest Erich ¨Ugandan Anglican Ecclesiastical Protection¨ peddler Kasirye and wife Patricia (aka Colonel Josephine) pulled off the Anglican Kitemu Community Center ¨caper¨ for Archbishop Orombi and then quickly rewarded as ¨Youth Director¨ for the entire province (and special recruiting mouthpiece for possible schismatic TEC Parishes in North America).

¨Eric and Patricia/Josephine serve/served as Anglican Church of Uganda fundraisers for ¨Ecclesiastical Protection from Poisoness Americans¨ as well as being ¨LGBTI Scammers¨ and watchdogs for other potentially profitable evil and were assigned to Bishop Samuel Balagadde Sekaddle (who retired in a dark cloud of improper property management recently)¨ HERE

Archbishop Orombi:  ¨Do as I say and not as I do¨

Anglican Global South Bishop Henry Orombi called upon to ¨undertake urgent measures to curb vice¨ in corrupt Uganda. (Bishop Orombi please don´t keep exporting Ugandan corruption/bigotry throughout The Anglican Communion). HERE

Note: ¨The retired Bishop of South Rwenzori Diocese, Anglican Church of Uganda, the Rt. Rev. Zebedee Masereka, has lashed out at the Anglican community in Uganda, saying it is riddled with corruption. Bishop condemns corruption in churches...¨ read it all, HERE

Anglican bishop, Christopher Ssenyonjo,  in Uganda, urged the Anglican Communion not to "keep quiet" about the abuse and violence faced by gay, lesbian and bisexual people in his country and elsewhere.

(Bishop Christopher, retired, was excommunicated by Bishop Henry Luke Orombi and the House of Bishops after +Christopher continued his unflenching ministery devoted to LGBTI suicidal outcasts. His retirement payments were cancelled by the Anglican Church of Uganda after 50 years of service)

¨Dear Archbishop Rowan Williams, Primates and fellow bishops, clergy and people of our diverse Anglican Communion.Peace from God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I give thanks on behalf of the family and friends of David Kato for your love and prayers at this difficult time. All over the world, human beings are longing for liberation, love, respect and the dignity to have meaningful lives. ..¨ HERE  Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo

Several Christian leaders in Uganda, including Bishop Orombi, have been accused of implicitly encouraging homophobic abuse or violence.

 "If Anglicans in one country dehumanise, persecute and imprison minorities, we must be true to the Gospel and challenge such assaults on basic human rights" HERE

Evangelizing Murder in Uganda? Anglican David Kato, RIP

¨...Ugandan LGBT activist Anglican David Kato was bludgeoned to death in his home just weeks after his photo was emblazoned on the cover of a local newspaper with the accompanying headline "HANG THEM!" The newspaper articles and Kato's murder came after months of international outrage over Uganda's proposed and still-pending "kill gays" bill, legislation that orders the death penalty for homosexuals in some cases and life imprisonment in others. HERE

¨David Kato tirelessly devoted himself to improving the lives of others. As an advocate for the group Sexual Minorities Uganda, he worked to defend the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals. His efforts resulted in groundbreaking recognition for Uganda’s LGBT community, including the Uganda Human Rights Commission’s October 2010 statement on the unconstitutionality of Uganda’s draft “anti-homosexuality bill” and the Ugandan High Court’s January 3 ruling safeguarding all Ugandans’ right to privacy and the preservation of human dignity. His tragic death underscores how critical it is that both the government and the people of Uganda, along with the international community, speak out against the discrimination, harassment, and intimidation of Uganda’s LGBT community, and work together to ensure that all individuals are accorded the same rights and dignity to which each and every person is entitled...¨  Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State, The United States of America.

¨Rest in peace David. We remember you for your courage, honesty and unwavering commitment to the struggle for the right and dignity for all of us to be who we are. We remember you David for the beautiful human being you were. You will always live in our hearts.¨ HERE

¨The blood of David Kato is on their hands and on the hands of those politicians and religious leaders both in Uganda and in the US who have led the campaign of hate against LGBTIQ people: David Bahati, Red Pepper (Uganda’s tabloid newspaper); Martin Ssempa, Ugandan Minister of Ethics; Nsaba Buturu, Archbishop of Rwanda; Onesphore Rwaje; Archbishop Henry Orombi of Uganda; Bishops of the All African Bishops Conference; Prime Minister of Uganda Apolo Nsibambi; Rev Bernard Ntahoturi of Burundi; Archbishops Akinola and Nicholas Okoh of Nigeria; Peter Karamaga; the National Anti-Homosexual Task-force Uganda; Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni and his wife Janet Museveni; Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe; Pastor Mulinde of Trumpet Church Uganda; Lou Engle; Rick Warren; Scott Lively and Dan Schmierer of the ‘ex-gay’ group Exodus International; Jon Qwelane; Bishop Lawrence Chai of Free Apostolic Churches of Kenya; Sheikh Ali Hussein of Masjid Answar Sunna Mosque; the African Union’s African Commission on People and Human Rights who denied Coalition of African Lesbians observer status; and all those who voted at the UN General Assembly Human Rights Committee to delete the reference to killings due to sexual orientation condemning unjustified executions.¨

Anglican presiding graveside priest Thomas Musoke, one of Archbishop Orombi´s gang of hate-mongering demonizers  of LGBTI Anglicans, ¨raged against homosexuals¨ at David Katos Funeral.

And so the vile hatred continues in Uganda as the so-called/self-called righteous¨religious¨ join the vertically corrupt politicians in posioning minds and spirits against LGBTI Christians/others when and wherever they can. that would be including the funeral of our Anglican hero friend David Kato, human rights activist, secretary of Integrity Uganda, and fine all-around human being.

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