Dec 13, 2009

HONESTY, TYRANNY AND UGANDA’S CALAMITY: Genocide in Uganda isn´t ONLY initiated against ¨Homosexual¨ citizens. Shame on David Bahati & Nsaba Buturo!

Milton Allimadi, Lucy Larom from CEGUN (Campaign to End Genocide in Uganda Now), Invisible Children and Ugandan government representatives recently participated in a forum on northern Uganda at the Uganda North American Association (UNAA) convention in Chicago.

‘Internally Displaced.’ As if those individuals had a choice; as if they displaced themselves intentionally to live in those camps for 23 years.

¨How do you willingly go to live in a facility where you know that the assured outcome is death? From lack of sustenance; lack of food; lack of hydration; lack of medical facilities. So let’s stop the nonsense. You know sometimes honesty is good. Let’s be honest. We travelled from allover the world to come here.

So why are we still pretending? Let’s abandon these terminologies of nonsense and let’s deal with the issue head on and recognize it for what it is. The tragedy is not only because of the vicious and brutal Lord’s Resistance Army. If we accept that; it means we are not being honest. We all know that. Even the government officials that are here today. They know that not to be true.

They know that the Uganda government and military are also a problem. So why don’t we recognize that. Why don’t we accept that and be honest about that. [Audience clapping]

Let’s be honest. When you have a tragedy such as the Ugandan situation let’s recognize that the LRA has contributed massively to this calamity; as has the Ugandan government by maintaining those camps for such a long time when everybody knew what the outcome of maintaining people in those kind of living conditions–what the outcome would be...

Let’s be honest. The Ugandan problem is not very peculiar to Uganda after all. In fact, it’s not even a Ugandan problem. Forget about northern Uganda. It’s a problem of lack of accountable leadership in Africa. It’s not unique to Uganda only. Where, rather than building institutions of governance and leadership, we substitute this with one-man or one-party rule.

So, let’s start with presidential term limits. Let’s be honest. It’s a question of illegitimacy of government. And when a government feels that it is not legitimate, it survives by any means necessary...¨

Genocide in Uganda, for the marginalized, the Internally Displaced, the outcasts and SOON for the ¨Homosexuals¨ of Uganda, read the up-to-the-moment coverage, click HERE

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Elizabeth said...

And we Americans also need to be honest about our participation. We have not called out those so-called christians who are backing this behavior.

fs said...

There seems to be something horrible within Uganda. That thing, whatever it is, deserves universal condemnation -- the U.N., the U.S., every ostensibly civilized democracy.

There should be an organization pushing a petition for this condemnation. If there already is one, I'd sure like to sign it.

Lynn said...

Look, world - this is what happens when we start treating others as less than human. It becomes easier every time.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

America is suspected of bringing the Ugandan dictator to power all those years ago...

Prayers for the Ugandan people!

elisabeth said...

Dear Leonardo,
i read a lot about the situation in Nothern Uganda! I´m a jouralist from austria and i want to write an article about all this, because i think people in Austria should know about all this!!
Is it possible that i use the photo above called “congested_idp_camp” because i think it a genious photo which gives good impression how poeple have to live!
hope to hear from you soon, i have to finish the articel tomorrow!

Greets from Austria,

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Elizabeth, Just got up to read your note...I can´t remember where I got the photo but it was no dobut one of the sources I thanked at the bottom of the post...usually, unless previously stated I use what I want and credit the photographer and might try Googling the topic with ¨photo¨ added on the same line...I normally get wonderful selections when I do that...also, join Flckr Photo Sharing...they have a wealth of photography to share and they have their own Search Engine.

My best to you,