Aug 15, 2008

Has "Big Red" Gone to Heaven?

Floating on Cars
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Today is day two of my cargrief saga. My pickup was stolen yesterday, midday, in the central part of town...who would have imagined's not like "Red" was a super-hot vehicle, it's just that he was a WONDERFUL car/truck and I'm thinking I'll never see him again in this I went to the Ministerio Publico and met with the Auxiliar Fiscal who was soooo nice, helpful and professional...he's sending documents from my deposition to the department of taxes so "Red" can't be resold...he seems to think that since "Red" was in good shape, albeit a bit elderly, there may be a real demand for his body and they may not "chop" him up afterall..."so, we shall see what we shall see" as my Mom always said to me. Meanwhile, some wonderful neighbors at the other end of my village invited us for breakfast and offered the use of one their cars..."as long as you'd like" and/or they offered to sell it to me at a very low's a more elderly vehicle than "Red" but it is quite the well-turned out "White" Dodge Van with lovely original upholstry.. air, seating for three hundred...plenty of space for schelping paintings and/or people (when are you coming for a visit?) and the back double seat pulls out for more storage...anyway, I'll try it out...only draw back is that it gets horrid mileage...but then, I don't need to drive it that much either...I could take public transportation and there are lots of tourist vans to key places (but I do love being able to stop wherever I want and hang-out amongst old ruins or explore local open markets when I see them)...we will see but gas is about $5.00 U.S. a gallon here RIGHT NOW!

Thanks you Saint Anthony for helping me through my loss and thank you dear friends for being supportive and encouraging me...all is well and who knows, maybe I'll still see "Red" again even if Ms. "White" joins our little, that's an idea.


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--I am wondering if offering a reward for reliable information leading to the recovery of Mr. Red is an option? I've never before considered whether a car is a Mr. or a Miz.

Ms. White (or are you going to call her van a white?) sounds more like a boat. Gas is hovering around $4.00 a gallon here.

Prayers still ascending for some St. Anthony help in finding the truck.

FranIAm said...

Oh Leonardo! Well I am still praying, but a white van for 300 might be nice...

As for when I am coming for a visit - please learn to not ask me this. I actually may show up!

(LOL-just kidding, plus unemployed does not a good traveler make!)

Leonardo Ricardo said...

BONNIE! Yes Van-a-White...and you don't think we're alike? That is hysterical!

FRANIAM! Don't you worry for a second, you'll love being poor here...many are and live quite happy lives...we'll be happy for you to come visit and we have a wonderful guest room, with Queensize Orthopedic mattress in case you even need more support! Don't fret, all will be well!

Leonardo Ricardo said...


Good idea, I'll make the rounds of some of the parking lots tomorrow (I know most of the attendents) and offer a reward.


Bonnie said...

OTOH--The Van a White sounds like--big enough for a guest room.

I think the MB is not big enough to encompass a sense of humor factor.

Padre Mickey said...

Sorry 'bout yer picup, dude.
I gibitayoo an award, which you deserve. I posted it in the comments above, but, after reading the post, realized that it was an inappropriate place for such an announcement.

David G. said...

This is just an assumption, ... that the white van is a Dodge Maxi Wagon...(yikes!)

I drove one in a previous life, though it was a conversion van, 10 passenger in 6 captains chairs, and a massive U shaped dinette that became a King sized bed (which it usually was).

Gas mileage was 18 MPG from a 360 Hemi, with cruise on. Since I didn't live in the city it was okay, but city driving raked up about 9 MPG, which is about as good as a hearse gets, so I switched vehicles.

I hope you are not going to be diving on mountain passes with it though, because the handling is like a school bus.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks Padre for the AWARD! I'm happy to be recognized, especially by YOU! You who are more clever and fascinating and compassionate than the larger World around us will ever know...what a champ you are.


Thanks for the tip, Vana White is a Carivelle model I think...I'll start driving her around either tonight or tomorrow for a few weeks...but, yes, we do have mountains and what does "handling like a school bus mean?" There are three rows of seats and the back ones can come's automatic (strange for around here) and has airconditioning and it looks like it's in good shape (I'll ask my mechanic more because he works with Vana too via the other owner).

Have a lovely Sunday everyone and thanks again for the suggestions.


David G. said...

"handling like a school bus" means to be extra careful going around corners, or tight curves, and while making right turns. A wide berth may be given, for safely turning right.(as not to ride the rear wheels over the curb, or some unsuspecting persons feet)

Having been a bus driver, I can tell you vans handle a bit better, but not much. And the gas mileage is about the same.