Aug 8, 2008

Women Bishops at the Lambeth Conference 2008...a date with FATE? Don't be late!

Howdy Ft. Worth!

Hola San Joaquin!

Mention Our Names in Peoria y Quincy!

Let Springfield Ring!

Anybody Home at the Province of Southern Conealone?

Ready, Set, It's a GO in Merry Ol'


Anonymous said...

And, in addition to that, I really love your new heading. Your Archbishop is a wise man. And do you really have that beautiful, if slightly anxiety-provoking, view?

fs said...

Women bishops this time -- next time, our GLBT brothers and sisters! Lambeth should be a gathering for ALL whom we, the people, elect to the episcopate.

I'm loving your photos, Leonardo. Your art work is exciting, and the current photo of your volcano makes me want to be there, right now.

Dulcita said...

Great pic of Fuego, JC and Len!

And the counterlights peculiars was very interesting, history tells so much, thank you. Dulcita