Aug 29, 2008

Obama SUPPORTS Women! McCain? NOT really.



"Sen. Barack Obama is very progressive on women's issues. Obama voted for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act; supports expanding the Family Medical Leave Act; will strengthen Social Security without privatization; will fully implement the Women Owned Businesses contracting act; is a champion for a woman's right to choose and will sign the Freedom of Choice Act, voted in favor of requiring health plans to cover prescription birth control; is a co-sponsor of the Equal Equality Amendment; and supports full funding of the Violence Against Women Act.


Sen. John McCain is against all of these issues except for Violence Against Women. The Business and Professional Women's Organization Political Action Committee (BPW PAC) board of directors has voted to endorse Obama for president, after a thorough investigation of both men's positions and voting records. BPW/PAC supports federal candidates who will be strong advocates for equity for all women in the workplace.


The BPW PAC is the only women's organization with a PAC, which is supported directly by BPW members who contribute specifically to the PAC. Obama told us BPW members in a letter to the membership: "As president, I will dedicate myself to improving the lives of women through pay equity, access to education, investment in women-owned businesses, policies to help manage work-life balance, affordable healthcare, reproductive choice, and violence prevention."

I urge Montanans to actively support and vote for Barack Obama as president of the United States."

— Pat Simmons, Bozeman


Anonymous said...

I'm having my very own "ick factor" reaction to that pic of Palin hugging McCain. Doesn't she know he's married? It's every bit as good as the pic of Bill stopping to let Monica hug him in the crowd (remember that one?).


Leonardo Ricardo said...

FR. Scott, How could you even think/feel such a're talk'n bonafide deeply spiritual religious Christian folk here...they've announced and told you FLAT OUT and over-and-over again how family oriented and careful they are when get near them queers or any other types of sexual vice/stimulation...the ONLY reason that pretend-to-be-puritans would be hugging it up in public is purely madicinal and natural and furthermore GOD knows they are innocent and's them others that we gotta keep our eye know the ones and I know you've got yourself a keen eye.

STOP FILTHY HUGGING during political campaigns...that's me motto!

Fred Schwartz said...

The good news is there are few if any women who beleive this is anything more than a bold political move designed to put one woamn in the Blair Mansion and the rest in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.