Aug 14, 2008

Prayers for St. Anthony: HELP, I Lost My Old Red Truck!

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Today, was another glorious day in Central friend Juan Carlos and I jumped into the Old Red "pickup" Truck and drove away from one volcano and whizzed past another and then traveled into a charming nearby colonial's a quick ride that we take several times a week and we carefully select a parking place (usually the same one) that's centrally located so we can run our various errands was a Banking day and a "let's have fried chicken" lunch day...all was well, very well, unti we returned to the truck...someone has stolen our friend the "Big Red" Truck...BUT nobody has stolen our ability to clearly and gratefully understand, that we, unlike millions of desperate people in this not-very-prosperous country have our health, a little financial stability and lots of feelings of good-will and peace-of-mind.

Thanks be to God


Bonnie said...

Leonardo--Prayers ascending to St. Anthony for help in locating your truck.

Hugs for you and JC. What a rotten thing to happen.

Padre Mickey said...

Yow, dude! Did you leave las yaves en el picup? ¡Que lastima! ¿Hablando con las policia? You're in our prayers.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks Boonie and Padre,

Yaves for the inner rooms of my house were in the glove compartment (two sets of them)...not keys for the outside entrance or porton fortunately (along with my circulation/permits card with my name address and copy of my, las policia drove me nutso (and then they couldn't line up the paragraphs on the computer and asked for me to come back tomorrow for the copy of the denuncio (loss report)...sent to wrong police station by the street police at first and the cab ran out of gas on the way (and a huge rainstorm hit) to the edge of town and then two policemen drove us to the other/correct police station (nice) on the far/other edge of town...the Insurance guy is on vacation per telephone...tomorrow is a holiday but only in the Capital where he lives...but then, later, friends offered me the use of their extra car/van "as long as I need it"...nobody gets cars back here when they are stolen (I didn't know that)...its a "favorite pick-up model" and therefore probably at the chopshop (and I don't think I insured it anyway for theft but the policy was in the glove compartment)...just the same ol Latin Americano type stuff...also, probably everyone in the village knows already...Saint Anthony does good work usually, we'll see, I was planning a trip into the campo soon, perhaps that's why I don't have it to drive...I'm fine with whatever...I'm in "let go and let God" mode but a little sad about the loss of my very loved/sturdy and well-cared for truck...damn!

Cany said...

No esta bueno. Yo soy muy simpatico. (about the extent of my espanol.)

Well rats. Good sturdy trucks are our friends. They hot wired it?

Can you put in a tricky electronic cut in the line that only you know how to turn on so this cannot happen with another vehicle hotwiring is impossible if you do. You might end up with a broken steering column and some very mangled wires, but you would have your beloved truck!

Prayers to St. Anthony for you, Leonardo, and the trusty red truck.

Sounds like quite a day. I would need a tall scotch and water after a day like THAT! Glad you are taking it so well!

FranIAm said...

St Anthony St Anthony
Please come around!

Leonardo has lost his truck and it cannot be found.

Unless you intercede dear St Anthony.

Please, we need you.

I am so sorry to hear of this but am greatly heartened by the outlook expressed at the end of the post.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Silly ideas.

This morning I'm missing the my Red Truck like it was a human quickly as I catch myself doing that particular twisted bit of "mourning" I launch into a little, PLEASE St. Anthony prayer...the reality is that everytime I get overly insistant on "loss" of anykind it seems to be a very good monitor of how emotionally/spiritually healthy I actuall AM...Juan Carlos was quick to remind me yesterday that we were not attacked at gun/knifepoint for the car...something that happens here quite a lot...not only are brutal crimes committed, the perps are rarely, there you have it...we're actually fortunate and I'm acting a bit tempermental, spoiled and unaccepting of reality...already, writing this, I'm back to feeling calm...let's see what life brings (as I don't feel compelled to run out and buy another car) my way as far as changing daily habits.

Grandmère Mimi said...

I'm so sorry, Leonardo. And a red truck, too! So, you think it's already chopped. Neverthess, St. Anthony, hear our prayers for the red truck.

FranIAm said...

When I was in Peru, taking a train from Cusco to Puno, we went by a town, the name of which does not come to me. It is known in Peru for chopped parts. I have a photo of some car parts.

Dios mio- well I am still praying.

fs said...

Wow. I'm sorry, Leonardo. You're taking it very well, but we do get attached to our cars, and of course you miss it. It was hard to tell from what you said, but it sounds like some of your papers were in the car. I hope you can get that all cleared up. Good thing no keys to the outside of the house were in it.

Aw, the whole thing is rotten. Hang in there, amigo.