Aug 28, 2008

"Not Just Some People...ALL OF US" Senator Barack Obama, Purveyor of CHANGE '08

Introducing: The Next President of The United States, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois

"We must ALL promise that we ARE our brothers and sisters KEEPER!"

"It's time to meet our MORAL OBLIGATION and HELP EVERYONE!"

"WE must keep the PROMISE of affordable HEALTH CARE for everyone."

"EQUAL PAY for a EQUAL DAYS WORK for everyone, eveyone means everyone, male and female!"

"It's time that the Bush administration and McCain who 'grasps the ideas of the past' OWN THEIR OWN FAILURE!"

"All accross America, something is sturring...the election isn't about me, it's about YOU! Enough to the politics of the past YOU HAVE SAID."

"Change must come TO WASHINGTON...not FROM WASHINGTON!"

"New politics for a new time!"

"We are the 'party' of Kennedy, the political 'party' of Roosevelt, don't tell me we can't DEFEND our country."

"We will all serve the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, patriotism knows no party!"


"The American Spirit, the American Promise that binds us together on the promise of what is unseen beyond the bend...the American Promise"

"45 Years ago today, Martin Luther King, Jr said, 'we can not walk alone, we must always march ahead together' America we can not turn back."

"Hold firmly without wavering!"


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--You're quick. I was thinking to leave a little note on yesterday's post about tonight's convention speech but...

Here you are with breaking news tonight. He was awesome!

And I loved hearing Al Gore too. Al Gore another man who doesn't just say what I think, he says it the way I think it.

Anyway, this little ole lady is going to bed. This was a whole lot of excitement for one day.

And just this too. I am so proud of all of them for sticking up for GLBT AMERICANS. They get it.

Fred Schwartz said...

Tonight sounded to me as if he spoke of faith, hope and charity and the greatest of these is charity.

Time for a change!

FranIAm said...

This may have been the best convention I have ever seen!

So filled with hope and promise - amen!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

That's what I thought too...the entire convention spoke of charity, of hope and of know, basic decency and stewardship toward all of mankind...the convention also spoke of saying NO to fear, discrimination, prejudice and hate...there is more but our acceptance of what IS must take the place of "wishful thinking" or the playing of PRETEND! Pretending that things are different than they really are is deadly to our in REALITY immediately transforms us into living in a world of honesty and transparency...we are saying NO MORE to the "shoddy" backstage manipulative trashing of our fellow citizens and all society for greed...often disguised as protecting a "moral standard" that they diminish with their two-bit standards, er, old standards revived as I listened to Ms. Eisenhower, she knows what I have come to know and see.

Now we await more anger from the Republican guns turned on us, their fellow human beings...both Stateside and abroad nobody will be spared as friends fall away as the WORLD says no to Bush/Cheney and their lack of leadership and INTEGRITY...they will stop at nothing to get their GROSS insecurities, clammouring desires for money and that "financial insecurity" hole filled...they will never get well no matter how they try to justify or dress up their version of innermost illness with little news bites of civility...animals are animals and emotionally/spiritually sick need help before they contaminate life around us any further.

No means no...I think we've all had enough of non-stop un-ethical opportunist people with "grandiose" seeking emotional disorders running around freely and causing damage in our lives.

It's time for compassionate and enlightened adults to stop the children from bulling, to stop the contamination of sick/ignorant people generating fear/hate actions against fellow human's time for destructionists to sit it out for a while and sit it out in a self-reflecting isolation of their own hating.

Lord hear my prayer

Josh Indiana said...

Barack Obama is the first and only insurgent candidate I've seen who's ever made it this far. If he goes all the way, maybe everyone will start to understand his slogan, "Yes WE can!"

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I don't think it's just my "wishful thinking"...after-all I was a fashion retail buyer with great instincts and a product development expert in my REAL life (and I had a very low markdown history) BUT I think we're seeing a winner, a best seller that intends to DELIVER America from disaster just in the nick of time!