Aug 30, 2008

NEWS I Knew You'd Want to Know: +Pete Akinola "FUMES" and "SUSPENDS" implementation of "UNHOLY EXERCISES" in America

Big "Pete" Akinola of "Trustworthy" Nigeria


Author: Omotayo, J. A. | September 01, 2008

"Nigeria’s Mr. Peter Akinola, Archbishop and head of the Nigerian Anglican Church as well as the head of “Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON)” community, was in the news on BBCWorld television broadcast of August 17, 2008 fuming over series of unchristian actions taken by some churches in America. Among others, he cited the consecration of Mr. Gene Robinson, an open gay preacher, as a bishop.

There are also lesbian couples’ approvals in America contrary to Biblical injunctions and his expectations. According to him, the heads of the Anglican Church worldwide had meet in America and held several meetings, prayers, agreed on and issued out communiqués, among others, aimed at suspending the implementation of these unholy exercises.

The Archbishop of Canterbury was well involved too. Soon after all these, the gay bishop was consecrated in America. “What do they take us for”, he fumed.

As I watched the documentary titled “The World Uncovered - Battle of Anglican Bishops” on the BBCWorld that day and the repeated broadcast the following day, one question that cropped up in my mind was “Can America be trusted?”.

It was most probable that our Anglican Archbishop thought otherwise before the said consecration of the gay bishop. That was most likely why he had chosen to have meetings, communiqués, prayers, etc with them. But available statistics show that America cannot be trusted.

The issue has become worse under Mr. Bush, the current American President. A few illustrations are provided below out of a long list of many issues and events...."

(And so attempteth to reporteth, speaketh and freteth the words of The Grand Wizard Hooliganite and Arch Mad Hater of the Fanglican Division of the Phobic Global really ought read the whole we said in the 60's..."it's a REAL trip")


Fred Schwartz said...

I was disappointed with this article. I thought I was goingto have to stop doing my exercises in my underwear. Nowhere does Big Pete tel me to do that, rats!

David G. said...

Why waste blog space on the tripe Ole Petey has to offer?

One should listen to him about as much as one should listen to Pat Robertson, or the late Jerry Falwell....or better yet the voices in ones head!!

gayuganda said...


Interesting. Have just picked up an article on Ugandan pastors love with America, and posted it.

Know that you will get there, but, well, just to compliment your post here!!!!

Bonnie said...

Holy Hannah! What's up with the outfit. What the well dressed fumer/fusser/basher wears believing it will cover a multitude of sins?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Bonnie, it his Anglican Future FORTUNE HUNTING/TELLING outfit...this gentlemen really does take the cake for all-around bad manners and taste in EVERYWAY...can you imagine how suck-em-up spiritually demented the Virginia sheep must be? All except Marty Minns who knows exactly what HE's DOING...makes the skin crawl.