Aug 27, 2008

A Day Like TODAY...Everything Changed!

Did you see them? I'll bet you did...did you see, think and feel what I did? Do you believe that TODAY the United States of America has been given a fresh slate, a clean shot and full-fledged progress report and REALITY check? I did, that's what I saw. That's what I heard.

Never before in my life experience have I believed that most ALL OF US, as a society, are exactly where we ought be...tonight, together at last, a family at last, the lights have come on and EVERYONES's "all skate."

It's interesting to me as I watched Obama and Biden hugging and glading, one another and others, together tonight on stage/podium center in Denver that WE are a CULTURE given the opportunity to be the FREE SOCIETY and HONORABLE, trustworthy, warm and happy people that God wants us to more games, no more lies, no more shame or blame no more places to HIDE from unattractive character flaws...WE GOT REAL...tonight, in Denver, we saw REAL Americans again and we saw us better than ever before. We have grown up through the tragedy of lies and aggressiveness during the past eight years. All of us understood one another tonight, fear fell away...people spoke, and we saw in the crowd, REAL people laughing, dancing and celebrating at ALL levels of shadows, no dodging, no excuses no awkwardness...nobody was left out or forgotten tonight...there were no creeps, no abominations. None of us got swept under the rug or locked in the attic while the "face men" did "used car" selling things...WE were/are all fully present and accounted for in the RIGHT NOW at Center Stage could see/feel all of us for the first time in my memory, one the first time we were ALL CREATED EQUAL and knew we were...what a relief, no need to PRETEND anymore, no posturing, no need to be intimidated or exploited by terrorfied greedy politicos grabbing whatever they think they must/ought fast as they can! There was a lazy chump born everyday...they said, and they believed as they mistook gentle good "will" and wanting to "trust" their leaders for slothful passive opportunity.

Tonight I didn't hear a word from insecure/meanspirited or insane puritan Christians/others blathering on and on about the faults of other "sinful" human beings who are headed straight to Hell (and taking our children and family values with them)...tonight, we ALL became everyday AMERICANS again...flawed or not, ready or not...instead of acting out/being vulnerable and desperately clutching/arrogant and aggressive blowhards of recent Republican memory...tonights rebirth of AUTHENTIC OURSELVES came by simply the telling of personal stories...our stories, like everyone elses stories, are full of REALITY and loaded with happy and sad living/loss, warts and truth...sharing blatantly of OURSELVES beliefs got some of us in the Nation RIGHTSIZED tonight...most of all, we were OURSELVES, LOVE replaced FEAR/HATE in the United States tonight at all levels of society, what a break and such a good START.

Change is coming, it's started already. I'm sure of it now. It's real CHANGE and it's coming our way as we're all FINALLY READY to become the REAL and authentic, natural, unpretentious human beings that God has always wanted us to be. God wants us to be ourselves...ourselves: accountable, responsible and fully present in all of our affairs.

Thanks be to God, we're getting another change to learn how to just "be"'s quite a gift that's filled with trust and humility.

Love shined through tonight while watching the Democratic Convention on was familiar to me, I recognized love, I love love and friendships filled with love and caring for my fellow human's what's inside of me and I'm glad to feel it again, I thought it had gone away forever.

OBAMA/BIDEN "Change" we can be part of.


Scott Hankins said...

Me too LR. God has blessed us with hope, finally, again.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--They rocked and they rocked. I loved seeing all the faces of all the colors and thought about how blessed we are to be a part of this country. At the end I wondered if we could send them over to inspire ++Rowan Williams a tad.

I was so happy to hear them hit the energy crisis issues and assume we will hear more about that tonight from Gore.

I was so happy to hear these words: "To uphold the Constitution." YES!

One very touching speech was from a woman chopper pilot--with the prosthetic leg limb. Her comment about how our warriors are coming home without adequate medical care and some finding themselves homeless.

Such a young one, limbs intact, but mentally shattered and semi-homeless has been turning up occasionally at our church. So, the promises that we will not send our young men and women to war before exploring other options was something that deeply touched me because of my kid brother's experiences in Viet Nam so many years ago.

And that Michelle Obama. She will be the classiest first lady we have had since Jacqueline Kennedy and maybe the smartest. TBTG for that.

cany said...

Incredible alright! They need to hit economics HARD and the energy issue, as well. TWO very key issues right now with everyone struggling.