Aug 17, 2008

Breaking Noticias: Ms.Vanna White Arrived for a "get-to-know-one-another" Visito!

Vanna White
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It's true, Ms. Vanna White, known to the greater World around us, as "Dodgy", has arrived for a visit to my garage/home (wherever it is that I think I am) friend Bonnie, from distant North Carolina which is bunches of miles North of America Central, I'm told, and is in another part of The Western Hemisphere altogether, felt Vanna was worth checking here goes Bonnie and David G...fasten your seat belts, lift the hood, maybe it'll be a GO!

Vanna pulled in around mid-day today and we went immediately out for a spin...I must say, for a elderly, yet wrinklefree/spotless, Dodger...she speeds, she climbs, she zooms, she wizzes and is cool as a cucumber too (airconditioning blasting)...power everything and automatic too...she seems to be a gem of a "Caravan"...does anybody know more about them? I think David G is right...she probably uses quite a lot of gas as she's got those roomy bucket seats and plenty of leg space (the last row is straight accross seating which can fold down for extra luggage/gear)...she's a BIG LADY and soooo comfortable after my "Red" pick up truck....what do you think, she's got SPRING(s)? BTW, Vanna looks just like the one pictured above (however she's definitely not a big city "Van near modern building" photo op type...she's more like a "Dulce Blanca Serena" hostess, right out of the "campo" waiting to run into bigtown and pick YOU up at the airport so you can come and visit us...mi casa su casa.


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Except for the "wrinkle free" part I thought you were talking about me, not Vanna.

"...for a elderly, yet wrinklefree/spotless, Dodger...she speeds, she climbs, she zooms, she wizzes and is cool as a cucumber too...." (Grin)

I know how to drive cars and only fret if the person in front of me is careless enough to be driving the speed limit when I am late. (Joke)

I'd see how it climbs on the mountain grades and twisty roads. Twisty, narrow roads are abundant here in NC. It was easier to drive high mountain passes in Colorado than it is to negotiate some of the roads here.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Just this P.S.

For years we had a Dodge Tradesman Van and the thing would not die. It finally just got too old to keep.

fs said...

Looks like a nice ride, Leonardo! My friend John, an extrovert's extrovert, drove new white vans for the last 5 or so years of his life (he used to lease them.) Several times a year, he would show up at my place with a van full of buddies.

So, are you going to visit Bonnie in NC? I'm jealous! Bonnie is a very cool lady and North Carolina is beautiful. Where does David G. live?

fs said...

Sorry for asking such dumb questions, Leonardo. I hadn't read the previous posts about poor "red" and obviously didn't read this one very carefully.

It's great your neighbors came through with Vanna to borrow or buy. Sounds like you and Juan have some good neighbors down there, as you should, being the kind of people you are.

(By the way, I thought I'd already posted this, but it never showed up. Maybe it's time to go to bed and get some rest!)

David G. said...

Oh that's just a baby van, it handles like a car.
The Beast I used to own was a full size extended van.
Now if I was to get a vehicle like a van, I'd get a used short bus, preferably with a Chevy or GMC chassis, with Bluebird coachwork. Ebay is full of them.

fs I live in central Florida.

FranIAm said...

Oooooh.... Vanna comprame una vowel!

My Spanish stinks - lo siento!

I kind of like her, although there is never any way for her to fully replace the red truck.

But she is kinda cute, in a very suburban white van kind of way.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

The mechanic, Anglican Church of Canada Bill, reports that Vanna White is CLEAN as a whistle and the ONLY possible less charming part of Vanna is she "drinks" she "drinks" about 15 mpg...but, heck, I think I can live with that as I really like and JUST THIS MORNING also found out that I may be getting a nice chunk of Insurance Money back for "Red"...onward and thank you everyone for your kind words of encouragement and THANK YOU Cany for my Blog Award!

Bonnie said...

fs--Thank you for the compliment! Please know that I think the very same of you.

I request prayers please for one of mine who lives in St. Pete. From the tracker map it looks like they have just gone from storm to hurricane watch. We will probably know by tonight or early tomorrow morning if she has to evacuate.

David G--I see that the darn thing is tracking straight up Florida. Prayers that you are not in it's path and if you are, prayers for your safety.

It looks like it will finally fizzle out in Asheville.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Button down the hatches, my personal secret is to hide in the bathroom with my animals and a full bathtub full of water...that precaution saved me in several hurricanes in Puerto Rico (and the last one tore part of the roof off but not my part)...prayers that all will be well, but as everyone knows, mostly the poor will have their illconstructed homes torn to pieces and suffer the mudslides...pray for the poor as well as those who are fortunate to live in more sturdy housing.

Cany said...

leonardo: put some gnarly tires on that baby:) if you have to drive on dirt or muddy roads, I found the van i borrowed to be light in the back and acted like a rear fish fin.

Or just get some heavy solid concrete bags...

fs said...

Good news that Fay is petering out. Prayers for all who face hurricanes in this "new" warmer, more environmentally hostile world we've managed to create.

David G - I know nothing about central Florida, except that it's probably like my state of California, except not as dry. But I'm very impressed with your knowledge of cars. And cany's too.

Leonardo, maybe Vanna will tie you over "until the real thing comes along."

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Good news about Vanna, but sorry to hear about Red (being the owner of a red truck myself.) Keep us posted about the 'cane, though, ok? Can't have you blowing away!