Aug 23, 2008

Thank you Archbishop Desmond Tutu for your kind apology to Anglican LGBT people everywhere...

"May I wholly inadequately apologize to my sisters and brothers who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered for the cruelty and injustice that you have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of us, your fellow Anglicans; I am sorry. Forgive us for all the pain we have caused you and which we continue to inflict on you."

The Anglican Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace, former chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Desmond Tutu.

(From the Foreword to In the Eye of the Storm.)

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Thanks to you Josh: "Why Anti-Gay Bigots Hate to Be Called Bigots"


Cany said...

Gosh, I just LOVE this man for so many reasons.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

"I just LOVE this man" cany

Me too...a few years ago Archbishop Tutu came to Puerto Rico and captivated the business and political leadership of the Commonwealth with his sincere and direct message of inclusion...inclusion in ALL areas of life and he supported LGBT "Civil Unions" and spoke out strongly in favor of them...Bishop Tutu was FRONTPAGE News in Puerto Rico for all the days of his visit thant included many personal appearances in all sectors of the 4million population strong island community.

Bishop David Alvarez and all clergy/laity of TEC diocese of Puerto Rico WELCOMED Bishop Tutu with open arms and hearts...that would include Senator Kenneth McClintock, Episcopalian and President of The Senate of Puerto Rico.

Scott Hankins said...

Yes. That was the first of four reasons the book made me cry.