May 31, 2009

BEYOND HOMOPHOBIA: 'licensed' by preachers they've heard to do "God's work" by murdering gays

Arthur Dong's PrizeWinning Documentary of Convicted Anti-Gay Killers*

Award winner of 2 prestigious Sundance Film Festival awards, the Directors & the Filmmakers Trophies, Arthur Dong has become more renowned since producing "Licensed to Kill." His documentary goes beyond the pale of simple-minded media headlines (that miss hundreds of brutal anti-gay hate crimes in the US each year) of anti-gay murders by scrutinizing the killers themselves. To no one's surprise, many claim they feel 'licensed' by preachers they've heard to do "God's work": murder gays.

While others claim they's been violently &/or sexually abused as children (usually by their own straight, white fathers-97% of the time).

In 1977, gaybashers attacked filmmaker Arthur Dong. Perhaps this event led to his personal reason for filming face-to-face cell block interviews with murderers convicted & sentenced to death for killing gay men. Cutting to the chase, Dong asks on-point, "Why did you do it?" These death row inmates use the typical variety of lame excuses:

1) The number 1 reason is the 'God told me to' anti-gay hate-crime defense party line. Considering what key televangelists the late Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, J.D. Kennedy, Pat Robertson et al, publicly instigate through their anti-gay sexually obsessed 'sermons', it's no wonder blaming God for murdering gays is hate-criminals' top ranked sense of being 'licensed to kill' by US anti-gay sexual supremacists.

2) Claims they are justified to kill gays as protection from his murder victim's sexual advances is the number 2 gay murderers' defense party line. This popular excuse among lawyers is known as the "gay panic" defense. Apparently, anti-gay murderers don't know how to say the easy word, "No," & walk away, if a same-gender person flirts with them! Instead they go ballistic & kill. Note: this is specific to anti-gay men who murder gay men & has nothing to do with women.

3) The claim that 'I am a victim of child abuse who fears losing my manhood', is the number 3 most likely excuse these murderers & their defense lawyers use. Sometimes law enforcers collaborate with this defense.

4) The 'homeboys' depraved mentality that stalks for "easy prey' excuse; straight men who go out of their way to guess & stalk men they perceive are gay; pretend to be gay themselves & pick up gay men; then, kill them for sport.

5) The 'I don't want gays in the military with me' excuse. These unfortunate soldiers have no clue they're already serving with thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender people in the US & other nations' militaries! Many of the anti-gay murderers are delusional enough to believe they're righteously doing a murderous God's & a sexually-supremacist US government's authorized work by ridding the world of non-heterosexual people.

It's scary & intriguing that believing in this propaganda has already led to murders of many heterosexuals who were perceived to be gay!

*Director & writer of a startling documentary, Arthur Dong, does great research of anti-gay hate crime murderers; some of whom are currently on US death rows: Donald Aldrich (Killer); Corey Burley (Killer); Raymond Childs (Killer); William Cross (Killer); Kenneth French (Killer); Jay Johnson (Killer); Jeffrey Swinford (Killer).

(See Dr. Gregory Herek's research on anti-gay hate crimes for more stats & do view this starling true (1997) film. It reveals how anti-gay murderers are victims of untruth: especially US neo-Christian-fundamentalist-supremacist politicized propaganda).¨ read it all, click HERE

Archbishop Henri Orombi of Uganda, pontificates about the IMPORTED Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender evil takeover threat that is wildly spreading it´s way through all levels of society in Uganda. Meanwhile, Orombi, arrogantly and dishonorably crosses Provincial borders at The Anglican Communion and leads puritan/fundamentalist extremist Men´s ¨Christian¨ retreats in Southern California. Apparently being in Uganda during the entire ¨witch hunt¨ (he helped initiate) isn´t pastoral/profitable enough for +Henri and it may appear ¨unseemly¨ for him to get blood on his ¨fast moving¨ hands.


Eliminating homosexuality: Modern Uganda and Nazi Germany

By W.Throckmorton

¨Scott Lively has made a career of drawing parallels from Nazi Germany to modern homosexuality. He has gone around the world with the message that homosexuals were responsible for Nazi totalitarianism. Throughout the next month or so, I will provide counter arguments to Lively’s thesis.

Scott Lively, delivers his around the world message that homosexuals were responsible for ¨Nazi totalitarianism¨

In this post, however, I raise the thesis that anti-gay groups in places like Uganda (encouraged by the American led conference in March, 2009 where Lively was one of the speakers) use rhetoric that is disturbingly akin to rhetoric used by Nazis regarding homosexuality. First, examine these developments in Uganda. From an Ugandan news report today¨:

‘Investigate homosexuality’
Sunday, 31st May, 2009

KAMPALA - ¨The Peoples Development Party (PDP) wants the Government to establish an independent commission of inquiry on homosexual activities to eliminate the practice. Addressing journalists on Thursday, party president Abed Bwanika said the evil is spreading to every section of the public and that the Government needed to make critical intervention.

He called upon church leaders to guide the country on the matter and said some NGOs were supporting people involved in the act.¨ read it all, click HERE

Exclusive Video: Stephen Langa Whips Up Anti-Gay Sentiment, Violence Ahead

¨On March 15, 2009, Stephen Landga of the Family Life Network in Kampala, Uganda, held a meeting to follow up on the conference from a couple of weeks prior. Approximately 60 people attended the talk in which Langa attempts to blur the line between pedophilia and homosexuality. While nothing especially new in the history of homophobia, the tactic is still both disgusting and dangerous, particularly in that region of the world.¨ read it all, view the video, click HERE

Archbishop Henri Luke Orombi´s Priorities

BISHOP Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira (not pictured) was consecrated yesterday by moderate Archbishop Henry Orombi of Uganda. Evangelical Orombi has his priorities right. First, he wants to rid the world of gays who are a scourge upon God's earth. Next, he has a few local difficulties which are less abhorrent to God than perverts. Orombi castigated the practice of human sacrifice, abduction and killing of women and children which is common in his Province.

He noted there were many challenges to be grappled with in the country, such as poverty, wrangles, laziness, mob justice, human sacrifice and accidents. The Anglican Communion hasn't torn itself apart over human sacrifice and accidents. These minor matters are hardly worth causing a schism. Accidents happen all over the place. And human sacrifice has long been part of Ugandan culture. But nothing causes Orombi more distress than a man who loves a man.¨ read it all at Anglican Priest Father David Heron, click HERE

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Brian R said...

Thanks for this information, more reason to oppose the bigots in our church who pretend to "love the sinner hate the sin".

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

What Brian said. A most important post.

motheramelia said...

Leonardo, that was very painful to read. Yes, it is important to confront the bigots in our churches. I try to do it gently from the pulpit and more forcefully one-on-one. I have too many gay and lesbian friends to just let this slide.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

I took the liberty to link to this, Leonardo.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you Göran. If you have a moment please read the UPDATE from Professor Warren Throckmorton, at the right sidebar, as YESTERDAY another murder inspiring message was delivered to the press in´s very sick and to think that Anglican Archbishop Orombi of Uganda is leading ¨religious retreats¨ for puritan zealots in Southern California seems especially irresponsible on HIS PART! Orombi cultivates, generates and wants to VALIDATE anti-lgbt fear and hate in The United States while ignoring the deadly ¨witch hunt¨ in his home PROVINCE of Uganda. Of course his visit to America is unapproved and in violation of every decree against ¨border crossing¨ from The Anglican Communion.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

But wasn't Throckmorton the fellow, often quoted by Gagnon and Cameron, who was into ex-gay therapies?

Has he converted?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Reverend Göran, thanks for the heads-up on Dr. Throckmorton...I just went to his site and read this seems he covers everything (everything) and I thought him reasonable...however, I´m going to take his blog down from my links until I know him better.

Thanks you so much,


¨I Am Not a Reparative Therapist¨

¨Many people ask me if I do reparative therapy or if I believe it works, or some variation on that theme. This is a natural question given that I have defended the right of people to seek sexual re-orientation change and take an accepting stance toward those who give an account of such change, by whatever means.

Thus, it is often assumed that in my clinical work, I practice reparative therapy. This is a false assumption. I am not a reparative therapist nor do I recommend that people seek someone trained in reparative therapy as an exclusive approach to homosexual attractions. As this will be confusing to some, I will explain.¨

Göran Koch-Swahne said...


It wouldn't be the first time Gagnon claimed someone supports him who doesn't...

... or the other way around ;=)

Mike in Texas said...

From Truth Wins Out Dr. Warren Throckmorton is an unlicensed psychologist who has never been a member of the American Psychological Association. Throckmorton works at Grove City College, a small conservative Christian school in western Pennsylvania. According to the school’s website, its goal is to ensure, “inspired Scripture be presented to all” and it boasts of, “rejecting relativism and secularism.”

Throckmorton’s resume is thin. He has not written a book, nor has he conducted any major studies. His main “scientific” achievement is a daily blog that criticizes the work of genuine scientists, but provides little original work of his own. He does claim to have counseled 250 patients, but he is unable to bring any success cases forward.

Indeed, in a June 11, 2007 Chicago Tribune story, Throckmorton finally brought forth a client - but the man was a relatively new patient, would not be identified by his last name and had not changed his sexual attractions. If this was Throckmorton’s best example of success, he has set the bar rather low.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

If this was Throckmorton’s best example of success, he has set the bar rather low.¨ Mike

Thank you Mike for more background on Throckmorton. I was pleased to see his piece refuting Scott Lively´s ¨Pink Triangle¨ book and it mostly made sense to me...for me, the idea of connecting homosexual ¨equality¨ dots with Nazi organization and leadership is very many innocent Gay people have died, like the Jews and others at the hands of Hitler and his accomplices during WWII...many Gay people are murdered at the hands of common thugs (Facist thinkers). The very idea that White Supremists are Gay Supremists/Nazi´s is vulgar and inciteful and unthinkable to me...spreading dangerous lies about Gay people is dangerous to LGBT people and is the insidious stuff crimes of hate are made of...I know you know all of that already. I found Throckmortons critique of Scott Lively at Ex-Gay Watch and thought it tied into the ¨witch hunt¨ underway in Uganda where Scott Lively recently appeared at the ¨Public Morality & Ethics¨ Conference in Kampala before Parliment...he spewed his Nazi=Gay slander.

Thank you Mike and Göran.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Whoops, sorry, Fascistas=Fascists

I can´t spell in any language anymore...I´ve been Spanglished!

Best to all,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link on your marvellous post.

Mike in Texas said...

Leonardo, Throckmorton is doing the "wolf in sheep's clothing" thing, the way his associates at P-FOX work. He is not to be trusted.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you Mike! I like Mike!