May 20, 2009

UNHINGED, PART FIVE: Archbishop Jensen, Sydney, stirs up trouble at home or abroad. Who pays for +Peters FOCA jaunts?

Archbishop Pete Jensen of Sydney

By Brian
¨Noble Wolf¨

¨I have just learned, thanks to Grandmere Mimi HERE, that Peter Jensen who styles himself Anglican Archbishop of Sydney will be at a conference in London on July 6.

It is only a few weeks since I read he was stirring up trouble while speaking in Ireland, I do not know if he has been back in the meantime or is just enjoying the English Spring.

We know he was gallivanting around Jerusalem and the United Kingdom although avoiding Lambeth last (Australian) winter. Must be a nice job.

Guess he does not want to spend too much time on mundane Diocesan matters, I do not believe he ever ran a parish so pastoral care isn´t his forte

¿Que pastoral forte?

However it sickens me to think that the cost of all his jaunts are being paid by Diocesan funds which are supported by the dues from my parish and therefore my weekly offerings. The thought that just one cent of my church donation could be used to pay for the jet travel of this hate filled little man to meet his homophobic mates and support him while he works to destroy the Anglican communion makes me want to retch.

I think I will put an empty envelope in the plate in future and direct my money in other ways.

Maithri's work of love in Swaziland HERE and Medecins Sans Frontiers or perhaps the work of Red Cross in Sri Lanka are obvious alternatives.

I stopped donating to Anglicare (Sydney) when Jensen became President of that organisation and wrote to tell them so. That money now goes to Anglicoord in Melbourne.¨

The FOCA´S at leisure in London (innocently plotting more ¨Godly¨ inspired destruction of The Anglican Communion on July 6th).

¨If Jensen is so fond of his travels, why doesn't he resign and concentrate on running the FOCAS or whatever they now call themselves and stop embarrassing the real Anglicans of Sydney he pretends to lead. Unfortunately most of his henchmen who are running the diocese in his absence are worse than him if you can believe it.¨ read it all from Noble Wolf in Australia, click HERE

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Brian R said...

Thank you for illustrating my little rant.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

My pleasure, I particularly dislike Jensen as he is such a selfrighteous sneak...he rarely appears except to help straighten out the various messes the GAFCON-conners find themselves in...also, I can´t imagine a more inbred clergy than Jensen has towing the family rope/noose, er, line.

Cany said...

I don't get why folks in his diocese put up with this! Why do they?

Brian R said...

Cany, sadly the diocese is largely made up of people like him. Nearly all the priests have been students of Moore College. As I said, Peter Jensen is not as extreme as many others in the diocese. The moderate evangelicals have either retired or are close to it. You can count on your fingers the anglo-catholic parishes in the diocese. I quote one priest who has left the diocese
"People are increasingly afraid to voice alternative views; to argue a different case than the dominant line, for fear of being verbally abused and/or socially isolated. People are afraid to go public through fear of being crushed. This is appalling, more characteristic of a cult than of a church. "

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Thank you for this whole series. There's a lot of information that needs to be seen all in one place!

Anonymous said...

Sydney's election of an archbishop is a very democratic process with the candidates nominated from the floor of Synod without being filtered by any committee. Peter is a popular archbishop in this diocese, and would win a vote today.
Brian, Keith whom you quote, is a friend of mine, and I think he makes a valid criticism of our diocese. If you choose not to give to Sydney diocese that is fine with me, but please be generous wherever you give.
Leomardo, I think you will find that Peter's travel is paid for by the "endowment of the see", the fund that pays for our bishops. It is not funded by assessments.
John Sandeman/Obadiah Slope

Leonardo Ricardo said...

¨If you choose not to give to Sydney diocese that is fine with me, but please be generous wherever you give.¨ Ob

I can see that Obadiah hasn´t given up his interest in displaying to those reading (anywhere) how ¨good Christians¨ ought give/act and that it´s all about HIM, giving you approval, as to where you donate and how much would be encouraged...such a obvious knuckleheaded grandstanding, of the simpering holy, not so humble, variety. Guess what Ob? I´m unimpressed with YOU and your pals excluding LGBT Anglicans/Christians at all levels of Churchlife in and your Selective Scriptural discriminating smugness really ought grow up or seek professional help before your ministry is completely pristine and HARM PEOPLE! Got it? It´s you and your Sydney accomplices that add to the persecution of LGBT people in Sydney, SE Asia and is YOU, and Jensen, too that embrace difference amongst us (and constantly defends the Jensen family purity regime) and would destroy the Anglican Communion.

Stand on a soapbox elsewhere, por favor...I´m not Jake or Kurt and I have little TOLERANCE for those who attempt to justify the instigating of fear and hate while attempting to ooze out words that sound reasonable.

Tidy up your act elsewhere.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Horrible man :-(

Anonymous said...

The "Anonymous" comment sounds suspiciously like David Ould, one of Mr Jensen's houseboys.He tries to talk sweet reasonableness - and then slags everyone else off.