Feb 2, 2010

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR ALERT: Exclusivity of "being" and beliving is being replaced by a fuller/mutual participation of listening/learning and seeing

I'm on a little trip. I'm in the United States of America (as opposed to The United Mexican States/Estados Unidos Mexicanos HERE where I went visiting with my friends a little over a week ago).

What strikes me clearly is that OUR World is filled with so many wonderful and interesting people with various backgrounds and ways of "being." People who seem to FINALLY be starting to mix-it-up through mutual caring/sharing with one another. FULLY PRESENT, up-front, better integrated, participating brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, friends, co-workers and schoolmates who seem MUCH MORE WILLING to listen to each other and give one another a "hand."

There is a temporary pause from the usual "insistors and demanders" throughout the land! Are the "answers" now to be found in the "not knowing?" Are we on the verge of admitting we are WILLING to work with EVERYONE and come up with mutually acceptable ANSWERS and CHANGE? Can we change from outcasting/demonizing "certain kinds of people" into including everyone and their "right to be" in OUR worldwide everyday life? Is fairminded near?

In the United States, SOCIETY seems to be suddenly forced into facing the realities of REAL LIFE and ONE ANOTHER as individual appearance, beliefs, manners, economic status, foods, smells and different ways of 'seeing/being' are featured in everyday life, on the airways, run-ways and blogs...at least it's been my experience, this past week, to note that FINALLY there seems to be fewer places for "exclusivity" of "being" and "beliving." There seem fewer "demands" of purity/perfection (usually someone elses ideal of how YOU ought be) that must be met (even by Fox News enthusiasts). Fewer people seem to be "insisting" their way is the only way...it seems, a least to me, there is a trend towards greater humility, maybe not full acceptance or even vastly more tolerance of one another, but there is a certain massive "rightsizedness" or "downsizedness" of overbloated PRIDE and know-it-allness occuring.

Are "Americans" starting to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, all one anothers?

This is "Good News" in my opinion, this may be the start in the U.S.A. of a BIG fear/hate/difference "meltdown"...the extremists/elitist grumblers may continue to skulk around, even take to violence, but it's too bad, too sad because such twisted behavior and abusing others is fading into the Sunset of outdated difference, prejudice, emotional and spiritual insecurity! They will have no where to run.

TRUTH and TRUST are looming before us where intollerance and falseness (including false witness by some religious people) has failed to stop the fear, hate, blame and shame.

Now there are people of different colors/orientations/religions (or not) gaining on respectability and CLARITY and I think worthless fear/hate-mongering is running out of gas. The toxic fumes and waste SPREADERS will not inherit the Earth afterall...WE will be/are being delivered into a state of REASON and SANITY (and it's probably even Green).

Dealing/Living with reality is replacing a world of idealized and feardriven false pridedriven pretend. Soon there will be no place to hide (from oneself), no place to run...we are being FORCED to "do unto others" as we would have them "do unto us"...we must, because we're running on low, fading common sense, bluring basic decency, grasping at fear and hate and bordering on insanity!

Fear, greed and hate are leaving Worldwide citizens exhausted/demoralized and WE ALL see that we MUST cooperate with one another to survive and continue toward a state of international well-being through lack of exploitiation, abuse, a loathing of other human beings!

It's time to face one another as full fledged citizens and become entirely, individually and collectively, "accountable for what happened, what it was like, and what it's like now."* The self-deceiving must STOP NOW (Nationally and Individually).

Lord, have mercy

*borrowed from "The Fellowship of the Spirit"

Lionel Deimel, click HERE,¨No Anglican Covenant¨

´The Windsor Report,´ he said. “It’s just a report. When did it become like The Bible?

´The Covenant´ ¨Why do we need another covenant? We have the Baptismal Covenant. We have the creeds. What else do we need?”

Archbishop Martin Barahona, the Primate, Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central America

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motheramelia said...

Lord have mercy indeed. I do think there's hope in a younger generation and my usually optimistic self always wants to believe that the world will see that cooperation is always better than fear and hate.

it's margaret said...

If you are traveling any where near the Commonwealth of Virginia.....

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I'm in the South but not anywhere near Virginia...the Southern "view" is always amazing to me...somewhere between hospital and hostal, manic/depressive and often downright zanny! Move in for a close-up Mr. DeMille. It's interesting to be amongst these folks but it is truly a worlds away from where I live, who I live amongst usually and at home experiencing life, and death, litterally impacting my everyday. One thing that I'm LOVING is that Black people are SOOOOOO friendly...opening doors, smiling and saying hello, lots of eyecontact...it's a DIFFERENT AMERICA (deep South variety) than I have ever seen before...I can SEE, IT and FEEL it...we ALL seem a bit closer than ever before...thanks be to God! Just a few glimpses/snaps from the street.

Love to all,

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Whoops "somewhere between HOSPITABLE..." (not hospital)

motheramelia said...

I thought you were saying hospital/hostel. But hospitable and hostile makes more sense.

Jeny said...

Hi Uncle Len,
Glad to hear that you've encountered so many uplifting and positive souls. I found my brief time spent in the South to be that way too. I'm sending you an e-mail with more news. Hugs

Jeny said...

Yippee, reply went through this time. You know, I've tried to comment on your blog before, and computer blocked it somehow. I have read and enjoyed many a time though.. :-)

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Jeny,

For those who haven't met any of my family members I would like you to meet the lovely Jeny, niece, mother and grandmother (you'd never know the grandmother part as she is very youthful and stunningly attractive just like her grandmother, my Mom).

Leonardo Ricardo said...

besides that...Jeny, is sweet, competant, professional and knows when to say NO (good, it's often difficult for especially kind folks to say "no").

Uncle Len, Lenny, Leonard, Leonardo (all of us)

Jeny said...

Thank you Uncle Len. I have nothing but admiration for my wise and insightful Uncle. Not only that, you've treated me like I was a princess all of my life!

We picked up Ari's ashes today, along with a beautiful painted ceramic with her paw imprint. A sad day, but we are comforted by the kind hearts who have shared their condolences.