Feb 19, 2010

GAY IN AFRICA:¨From pulpits, that seem holy, despite the words of hate and venom pouring out of the mouths of the preachers...¨

Pastor Martin Ssempa, Porno Preacher, Uganda

Does anyone ever think of the fact that we are spiritual beings?

Definitely not the Church in Africa. The political capital to be made by loudly shouting and drowning out any words of reason is too great to ignore. And, the scriptures, those holy words written eons ago, they have fixed the brains, even those unborn. They have to be believed. And, they say, stone. Throw the stones, make the whole world know how holy and special you are. Throw the stones.

When preachers hold us in contempt, inside and outside the confessional-
when the crowds gather, and are ready to laugh in contempt, to cry and howl for blood- when the mere rumour of 'marriage' will bring out the preachers to 'Operation Gays Out'-

What toll does that have on us?

One thing that we are is, resilient.

We are gay. And, for eons, we have had the same trial by fire.

We drop on the way. We believe we can change. We embrace the preachers of shame and hate like they are our straw in the midst of the sea of change. They rape our minds, they destroy our bodies, they force the self hatred inside.

And we still survive

read it all, By ¨gug¨ at Gay Uganda, HERE

Celebrating Ash Wednesday

The social committee of a church in Uganda has organised a new line in entertainment. Social Affairs Secretary Mrs Trellis, of Idi Amin Street, Kampala, said:

We have never had such a popular response to one of our socials. We charged a modest fee at the door, so that we can carry on getting new material. We can go from strength to strength, with rippling muscles and pointing ahead firmly

It is a unique line of Christian entertainment: gay porn that attracted some 300 people, as many as could fit into the room without getting the film on the back of their heads and annoying everyone else. HERE

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Tim said...

Leonardo, this is one of those absurdities that leaves me torn between laughter and tears--laughter at the idiocy of the tactic, tears because these people have maligned millions of people as sexual addicts and predators. But what's most alarming about it is that the media and most people are treating this lightly, as a too-weird-to-be-true incident.

Suppose a pastor hosted a screening of movies that pictured Africans as cannibals and demon-worshippers. Would not people from every nation on earth recoil in horror and condemnation? Would anyone treat it lightly--even though documentation exists that both practices have been adopted by some African tribes? We would refuse to allow an entire people to be stereotyped by the actions and reputations of a few.

I think you tap into why society at large is so comfortable with treating this atrocity lightly. We are a resilient people. It's easily presumed we can "take it." But what's missing from this equation are the hundreds of gays in Uganda and Africa who are suffering from this religious slander. A night of dirty movies under the aegis of religious "education" will lead to days of hardship, torment, and potential death for gay people who know there's much, much more to them than what this filthy-minded church says.

That's what we should insist on talking about when we discuss this tragic event.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Greetings Tim,

Just when I think all is as ugly as it can possibly be, well, these self-proclaimed heterosexuals get their filthy minds and actions cranked up another level! These perverts at Church would be fascinating except they are so dangerous to emotionally and spiritually healthy ¨Homosexuals¨ everywhere...their frantic notions and very disturbed thinking really sets the stage for genocide (both in Africa and elsewhere)...I´ll never understand what scares them so badly...it apparently has little to do with self-searching and more to do with blatant self-righteousness.

Lord, have mercy

Leonardo Ricardo said...


I think they are in grave danger emotionally (and possibly spiritually too).

Very sad way to prove oneself by demoralizing and demonizing fellow human beings...then there is the moral responsibility of those who would harm others for their personal gain...nothing new under the Sun.