Feb 26, 2010

FUNDIE HOMOPHOBE WARNING: ¨It’s Not God Saying Gays Should Be Put to Death, It’s YOU¨

¨Alright. Let’s get one thing straight, fundie homophobes- you don’t get a pass when you “quote” the Leviticus Bible verse saying:

´If man lies with a man as he would lie with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death and their blood shall be upon them.´

...This may come as a shock to the “hate the sin, love the sinner” set, but by quoting that verse, it’s not God saying that gays should be put to death- it’s YOU. It’s not simply a personal religious view or a debatable “political difference” or a great talking point. YOU are saying that I should be put to death...

...This verse has become a homophobic cover for people to try to wash their hands of the damage they are doing and the violent, extremist views they hold. It’s become an accepted talking point for bigots and haters, parroted without any real thought about the consequences of saying a swath of people should be killed because their personal idea of ‘God says so.’...

...Oddly, the same people breeze over other ‘abomination’ verses in the same book and put on their mixed fiber clothing and eat their shrimp scampi after church....

...Think it’s a stretch to mention the Ugandan Pastor and a California Beauty Queen in the same post? It’s not. It’s the “trickle down” hate effect. Leaders crow about how gays should die and then small-minded bigots use it in casual conversation. It’s all the same hate...

...That’s why it’s important that we don’t give passes to people like Miss Beverly Hills. She invoked ‘death for gays’ in a discussion on gay marriage (and pageants) and wasn’t challenged by the interviewer. That’s how accepted the talking point has become.

That’s what we are facing.

And that’s why we have to always call it out.¨ HERE

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Kirkepiscatoid said...

Love the illustrations!

If mullets are an abomination, Adair County, MO must be Dante's Inferno. LOL

Revd Ivan Ackeroff said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

When we have fundamentalist thinkers who believe that they have the God given right to determine who is not only wrong, but also who has repented enough to be forgiven, then many people will die at the hands of these judgemental Christians and in the name of God.......

Craig Schwarze 19 hours, 55 minutes ago
But does that mean that we must not forgive him, if he does not repent?

I think this is a very hard view to argue. Jesus includes an absolute, followed by a conditional -
"...rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him..."

Clearly the forgiveness is contingent upon the repentance, and the implication is that if the brother does not repent, nor can he be forgiven.

Imagine the following statement -

"...ask for the password, and if he answers correctly, let him in..."

Would you argue that this is saying let the man in, regardless of whether he gives the correct password or not? Of course not!

"Forgiveness can only take place where the offender has acknowledged their sin and repented. It makes no sense otherwise, and is not real forgiveness. Indeed, we all know there is nothing more sanctimonious than having someone say, “Oh, I forgive you” when you haven’t asked for it, and don’t feel like you’ve done anything wrong."

It seems like Jesus wasted his time asking for forgiveness for those who betrayed and persecuted him. It seems it's all about judging others according to the standards of these fundamentalist Christians.
Keep up the good work Leonardo. As you pointed out... these people are false teachers!

Anonymous said...

Conditional love and forgiveness may sell books but it is not Christianity. Conditional love and forgiveness is the basis of 'lynch mob' mentality. Conditional love and forgiveness equates to revenge and punishment unless you see it my way!
How dumb are fundamentalist Christians? They are so dumb it makes one realise that the only way to respond to such inept dim-witted people is to turn the other cheek and let them continue to make fools of themselves...however, at the moment other people's lives are at stake and a call to action needs to be implemented!