Apr 7, 2011


Does HE or doesn´t SHE? Only Her/His Banker knows for certain!
¨In a disgusting new twist to the anti-gay fervor that has swept Uganda, The Daily Monitor
HERE  reports that Makerere University student leaders said in a meeting with the chairman of the committee handling the Anti-Homosexuality Bill that recruitment of gays was rampant at the university campus. The students told Mr. Tashobya (in charge of the committee) that each of their colleagues who join homosexuals is paid a monthly salary of Shs800, 000.

I have no idea how much Ugandan money that is — but it sounds like some serious coin. We also know, due to reality and common sense, that this allegation is pure propaganda and utterly false. Exactly, who is paying these students? Until there is proof, such allegations should not be made and those putting forth such lies should be punished.

I’m still in shock. In one of the most anti-gay nations on earth — gays are getting salaries. Do they have to take out taxes for such services?

Seriously, what next, accusations that gay people roast children and eat them for snacks?

I’m not trying to be judgmental — but the anti-gay Ugandan legislators sound remarkably ignorant. How uniformed (particularly in the Internet age) does one have to be to believe such bile? Or maybe raw hatred makes some people blind to the complete incoherence and idiocy of the arguments put forth by supporters of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.¨

Are Anglican Archbishop Henry Orombi and anti-lgbti Anglicans/others remarkably ignorant?
Archbishop Orombi, Anglican MP David Bahati, Rev Martin Ssempa ought outbid the devil of their very own faking and put their money where their mouths are and SAVE some LGBTI Souls! 

Quick ¨fix¨ monetary resources available:  Ugandan OIL (newly discovered)  and/or BIG BANK DEPOSITS (from American Evangelical bigots) should be immediately used to pay LGBTI Ugandans to make them into HETEROSEXUALS!  That´ll fix ´em! Praise the Lord! Sounds like a wonderful spiritual investment and a clear moral final solution to enhance the all-around-sexual-readjustment/peace-of-mind program/pogrom needed amongst the sexually obsessed heterosexuals who persecute the lgbti  innocents of Uganda! Ugandan National integrity will no doubt immediately improve after ¨Gays¨ start gett´n them cashola deposits monthly and move away from all that imagined sinn´n and start shack´n up with the opposite sex (multiple marriages are available in Uganda/double or triple your monthly income)! Anglican David Bahati, Rev Martin Ssempa and Bishop Henry Luke Orombi (¨spiritual advisor¨ to David Bahati) ought start outbidding the devil and become financially accountable for their own tiresome slandering and ignorant pontificating against the same sex attracted of Kampala and beyond!  Pay now, buy the lie later!

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