Apr 23, 2011

THE WAY OF THE CROSS IN UGANDA -- INSTIGATING DIFFERENCE and HATE: Homosexuality does not reflect God´s creation of mankind

Do as I say, not as I do
¨The men of God are asking government officials not to misuse their authority to oppress those who oppose the government, but emulate Jesus Christ who did not abuse the rights of those who opposed him¨ Anglican Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi 

Christians from Rubaga Cathedral walk the way of the cross to Nakivubo Stadium April 22. Father Expedit Walakira urged Christians to avoid western cultures like homosexuality that do not reflect God’s creation of mankind. HERE

Anglican ¨leader¨ Archbishop Henry Orombi ought practice what he preaches and ¨listen¨  instead of ¨oppressing¨ LGBTI Anglicans/others in Uganda

Leaders are servants of the people, using your power and mechanisms to oppress others is ungodly. Leadership should have space to talk and listen to their people,” the archbishop said. “When food and fuel prices are soaring; when our young ones remain unemployed; and when our mothers, wives and sisters die during child birth. Like the disciples, we wonder what happened to the solution we had so much hope and faith in to make our world a better place.” He added that like Jesus’s disciples, Ugandans should “always hope for a better tomorrow.¨  Archbishop Henry Orombi

¨Hope and Faith to make the world a better place¨ for all Ugandans?
·  Thanks to The Daily Monitor, Kampala
·  Thanks to Stephen Wandera, photo
·  Thanks to Gerald Bareebe
·  Thanks to Anglican David Kato, RIP