Apr 10, 2011

INQUISITION/LYNCH MOB GATHERS MOMENTUM IN UGANDA: The ¨Gay¨ hating murder campaign is now recruiting superstitious, undereducated, bigots, thugs and political/religious degenerates

Anglican MP David ¨Kill all the Gays¨ Bahati, author of anti-LGBTI legislation in Uganda
 ¨Yes, while we were asleep, a huge anti-gay campaign is happening.

Pastor Martin ¨Gays eat poop¨ Ssempa insists that killing Gays will stop the spread of HIV
The anti-gay pastors handed a 2Million signature petition to parliament just this week? Yes, they did. And, Pastor Martin 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa has been in parliament with slide shows. Not of gay porn, but, apparently to showcase the fact that the bill will help in preventing the spread of HIV. Because it is going to stop homosexuality in Uganda.

Anglican Archbishop Orombi/Uganda allowed a speaker promoting ¨The Anti-Homosexuality bill should become law¨ this morning at Anglican Church service in Kampala
Grave Danger Alert: Ugandan fear-hatemongers are canvassing Uganda with fresh lies and slander promoting hate crimes against LGBTI citizens

No. I am not kidding you.

And, speakers are fanning out all over the country. Schools. FM stations. And TVs.

What is happening?

That infamous bill was presented in this parliament. The international reaction was strong, and, it led to the government withdrawing support for the bill.

Now, elections for a new parliament happened. And, Bahati would have to present the bill again, in the next parliament, if it lapses in this parliament.

So, Bahati and co are doing a campaign. Pressure the outgoing parliament to make the bill law.

And, they are stirring up lots of dust. And, they have the strength of numbers.

This parliament has until May to conclude its business.

Should I be worried?

Well, the bill demands the death penalty for such as me. Serial offenders. Of course, life imprisonment when caught on a first offence. And, of course, this blog is a promotion of homosexuality. Which the bill criminalises...please read it all,  HERE

UPDATE: US Department of State: Religious Fundamentalism at Heart of Uganda's Human Rights Problem

"participants openly threatened LGBT individuals."
¨The United States Department of State submitted its annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate as required by law for "countries that receive assistance" among others. The Uganda Report addresses the religious fundamentalism at the heart of Uganda's human rights problem.

The Uganda Report specifically mentions the rallies conducted by religious fundamentalists like Pastor Martin Ssempa where "participants openly threatened LGBT individuals." MP David Bahati and former Ethics and Integrity Minister Nsaba James Buturo are also mentioned by name. The report states emphatically that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009 violates "the Ugandan constitution and international law." please read it all HERE

Anglican Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo, LGBTI spiritual advisor in Uganda
Authentic ¨GOOD NEWS¨ -- Retired Uganda bishop speaks at UN, calls for global decriminalization of homosexuality:

¨Retired Anglican Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, an outspoken activist for human rights and equality in Uganda, delivered a presentation at the United Nations in New York on April 8 calling for the global decriminalization of homosexuality as a way to make progress in the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

"The criminalization of homosexuality remains the most significant barrier that needs to be dismantled to reduce the spread of AIDS," said Senyonjo, during a panel discussion that formed part of an informal interactive hearing at the U.N. "We need to make our laws and agreements more binding. We need to ask if our laws or beliefs help or prevent the spread of HIV and hinder or support families caring for loved ones."

Senyonjo noted that more than 80 countries still criminalize homosexuality "and see it as a crime against God and nature. Denying people their humanity puts us all at risk because AIDS spreads fast in the darkness of ignorance." HERE

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JCF said...

This could be Rwanda Redux. :-(

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Exactly-- the instigators of hate directed against LGBTI citizens have already scored BLOODY MURDER with the bludgeoning to death of Anglican Gay Activist David Kato--fundamentalist ¨excluders¨ have the taste for blood. This is the dangerous reality!