Apr 23, 2011

FUNDAMENTALIST/EVANGELICAL WARNING: ¨If Religion Kills America There Will Be No Resurrection (Happy Easter!)¨ Frank Schaeffer

Ignorance has been elevated to a new form of "virtue"

¨...One group that has perfected the art of special pleading for respect for non-reality-based "ideas" are the religious fundamentalists otherwise called Evangelicals. They train their families from birth to be the sort of gullible dupes the Palin/Trump/Bachman/Becks of this world manipulate.

Evangelicals are a group to which no idea is too farfetched. From birth they are told that facts are lies and that "true believers" like them -- and they only -- have access to the actual and only truth: the Bible.

And this isn't just any Bible theirs is the literal "I-believe-every-word-to-be-true" Bible.

When you raise people on the idea that black is white and white is black, green is red and blue is yellow.... don't be surprised if eventually a whole class of folks are color blind.

Someone repeatedly told that God-hating elites deny the "fact" that dinosaurs and humans coexisted a few thousand years ago; that the world is 6000 years old; that gay men and women choose to be that way and can be "cured"; that everyone besides "born-again" Evangelicals are going to hell; that Jesus will come back soon... etc., etc., becomes the sort of person who, quite literally, will believe anything.

Talk about alternative medicine, here's a whole alternative reality: "You believe in human evolution, but we know better!" "You believe that president Obama was born in America, but we know better..." please read it all HERE (bold emphasis, photos and caps by LR)

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Ciss B said...

Sadly they are so afraid to step out of their "norm." The actually serve and angry god and they're never sure if they are really saved because they might have done something wrong and lost their salvation.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Ciss and Happy Easter-- you´re right, imagine pretending to be ¨good¨ instead of having enough trust in God to take the chance of being the authentic person you are meant to be-- being on a sort of ¨probation¨ with God isn´t exactly like honoring the gift of life, living in gratitude and breathing genuine authenticity! THAT, in my opinion, is respecting and honoring the gift of life from God.

"Sir" said...

Good post. Thanks.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...