Apr 3, 2011

UPCOMING ATTRACTIONS: "Human Dignity, Sexuality and the People of God: a Conversation." Father James St. George

Father James St. George,
Fired Gay Priest Gets New Teaching Job

¨You may recall the story of Father James St. George, a popular Old Catholic Church Of The Americas priest who was fired from his job at Chestnut Hill College earlier this year for being gay even though he never hid that fact from anyone.

Good news for St. George as he has just been hired to teach at the University of Pennsylvania:

"James St. George is teaching a class on religion, social justice, and urban development, together with another member of Penn's teaching staff."

"'It feels good to be teaching again,' St. George told the Inquirer. Father James St. George said he was dismissed from his teaching job at Chestnut Hill College on February 18 because of his sexual orientation. HERE

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Anonymous said...

He was NOT HIRED by the University of Pennsylvania! He is a guest lecturer in one of Professor Lamas' classes, and Professor Lamas is paying him out of his own pocket. Again, he was NOT HIRED by the University of Pennsylvania!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you anonymous for insisting on the facts as you know them--obviously he will be a well-rounded/received addition to the information/curriculum taught by professors at the University of Pennsylvania now that he has received a ¨settlement¨ for being discriminated against at Chestnut Hill...kind of starts putting ethics and ethical human behavior/treatment back on the map again..like allowing a marginalized outcast brother to attend a family gathering...rejoice.

Anonymous said...


Get to know him first. He is not what he seems.

Yes, he's a marginalized brother. So am I. But I don't go crying "discrimination" every time I am short of cash! If all of us who have lost a job to our gay "lifestyle" followed his example, the country would go bankrupt in a week.

He is having us on with the "because I'm gay" thing. This is a man who is very fond of telling people, "Hey, I don't look gay and I don't act gay." So what about us is he hiding from the rest of the world?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

It´s not even about him that is the reason why I care-- it´s about standing up and saying no to those who abuse us (and others)-- it´s about the abusers who think that since they´ve had lifetimes of spewing out junktalk against their LGBTI brothers and sisters, they think it´s their RIGHT to outcast and demean others. As far as the Padre is concerned, I´m glad that he did what he needed to do to be who he really is -- hopefully, most of us will have only ¨regular¨ amounts of character flaws (life everyone else human) and not make a mess of our ¨being¨ when out and about...certainly after the lies stop life ought improve for ourselves (and for those around us). Living in reality is a very big deal.