Apr 22, 2011

SO WHAT´S SO GOOD ABOUT GOOD FRIDAY? Well, three days later Jesus walks out of the tomb, much to the consternation of Wall Street and the Republicans...¨ Josh Thomas

¨...But what “Love Unknown” does for me is to personalize this in ways I’m not used to; “But O! my Friend, my Friend indeed.” Christ died for me, as well as every one of us. ¨Life isn’t just about politics, churches, governments, wars, corporations or other nameless, faceless groups; it’s about us. God came to save us, you and me, our life and death. It’s the most astounding story ever, and I believe it’s true. I know it is; hard to believe sometimes, but an absolute fact

If we don’t believe that love triumphs over all, we have no hope. The evil forces arrayed against our lives are overwhelming otherwise. But it’s not enough to cling to a belief in some vague fairy tale, which might or might not come true. We need to see the proof for hope to be real, a fact Jesus completely understood. The story of Doubting Thomas, who had to touch Christ’s wounds himself, shows that Jesus knew that only proof would do.

The miracles throughout the Gospels are all about the proof. Yes, Jesus is the Son of God. Yes, he can and will raise us from the deaths we suffer by injustice and war and homophobia and patriarchy and apartheid, as well as mere disease and old age. In the case of his pal Lazarus, Jesus even waited to intervene till after he expired, old and moldy in the grave (“Lord, he stinketh”) before giving him life again...¨ please read it all,

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