Apr 15, 2011

Presbyterian Church (USA): One step closer to joining the millions of people in Protestant denominations who accept ¨Gay¨ ministers based on skills and qualifications

Presbyterians Celebrate San Francisco Presbytery Vote in Support of Allowing Gay Clergy

¨All across the United States, Presbyterians have been voting in each of the 173 regional presbyteries to determine whether or not the Presbyterian Church (USA) will drop the ban on gay clergy. The yes vote in San Francisco on Tuesday, April 12, puts the denomination seven votes away from the simple majority required to enact this historic change. But contrary to public opinion, San Francisco Presbytery was not necessarily expected to vote yes.

“While San Francisco has often led in equality in civil society, the San Francisco presbytery did not always vote to support LGBT people in ministry. But here, and in places like Oklahoma, Alabama and Georgia, we are seeing changed hearts. We believe God’s Spirit is at work as more people are understanding that faith and character are more important considerations for ministry than one’s marital status or sexuality,” said Michael Adee, executive director of More Light Presbyterians.

The 198-143 vote on Tuesday, moves the Presbyterian Church one step closer to joining the millions of people in three other major Protestant denominations that accept ministers based on their skills and qualifications rather than who they marry or chose as a life partner.¨ HERE

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Grandmère Mimi said...

Good news, indeed! It appears that the vote in favor of dropping the ban on gay clergy in the Presbyterian Church may well happen.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

There we go -- little by little -- step by step -- it sure beats the Hell out of pretending that LGBTI people don´t exist (or must be cast out, demonized/despised if we do).

After lifetimes of being the invisible elephant at the alter, in the choir, in the pews it´s nice to start hearing people honestly saying ¨Lord be with you¨ too! Presto, real live/authentic human beings at church! No more pretend!

Good to see you Grandmere Mimi -- love your new picture--lots of vibrant lovliness abounding!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Flattery will get you everywhere, Leonardo. :-)