Apr 21, 2011

A HAPPY GLOBAL SOUTH COVENANT: Kenyan Lesbian Marries American Bride

Courtney Nicole and Terry Ngéndo Wakonyo
A Kenyan woman wedded her American bride over the weekend in Des Moines, Iowa.

Terry Ng’endo Wakonyo, 24, and Courtney Nicole, 25 were joined together in a same-sex marriage ceremony at the Polk County Courthouse on Friday.

The newly weds held a reception on Saturday in Shawnee, Kansas where they were joined by family and friends who included scores of Kenyans.

Speaking to jambonewspot.com, the groom who is from Nairobi proudly said “we are married” when asked whether they were in a civil union.

The couple who are both residents of Kansas had to travel to the neighboring state as Kansas does not recognize same-sex marriages...¨ HERE

David Kuria, Candidate for the Senate, Kenya
¨This is really great. The community may be ostracized in Kenya, but those who do go out can actually live their lives to their fullest potential. This is just so Great! ¨ David Kuria, Kenyan Senatorial Candidate HERE

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JCF said...

Aw. <3<3

Kisses for the brides---Mazel Tov! :-D

it's margaret said...

God bless 'em! May their love for each other be a sign for us all!