Jun 28, 2011

Marcos went away today. Marcos went to rejoin Ruth and Walker today.

Marcos loved being picked up and petted but he would bite you if you put him down!

When I returned to Guatemala to retire five years ago I immediately went to visit my friend Ruth N.  Ruth was in her 70´s and was a retired Social Worker (MSW) from St. Louis, Missouri.  Ruth had spent her entire professional career working with Prostitutes (often drug or alcohol addicts)  and had decided to spend her final years working with kids in one of the small aldeas near Antigua.  Ruth, a widow and a Chrismatic Catholic,  had been married twice but never had kids and didn´t know anything about them she told me.  So, Ruth spent the next decade and a half being a strong influence for all things positive and possible in a community in Central America where few families could afford much more than tortillas and beans every day-- Ruth became a person who was a positive, yet modest, force in the lives of hundreds of children over the years she lived in Santa Inez...she was a good neighbor indeed and well loved. 
Shortly after I returned and renewed my friendship with Ruth she fell ill and after a few months died...her friends honored her with a funeral mass at la Merced and her neighbors shoulder carried her coffin through the cemetery and up to a fifth tier crypt in the Public Section of the Antigua Cemetery--exactly as she may have wished, she was well cared for right up through the end of her life. 

Marcos of Ruth
Ruth had two dogs.  One dog was the son of my brown and white Cocker Spaniel and his name was ¨Walker¨...Walker was a black and white beauty who also had gold eyebrows and was born when I had lived in Guatemala almost a decade earlier--a real dazzler and much loved by Ruth´s other dog,  a rescue animal, named Marcos.  Marcos was a Peekeneese/King Charles Spaniel mix and full of macho ¨attitude¨... what a pair made as they joined up with the other doggers at my house to romp on endlessly after Ruth´s death.   A couple of years after they came to live with us, Walker fell ill one night.  The next day I took him to the vet and he died on the examining table (later it was discovered he had a terrible malignant tumor).  So, onward we all continued to go and Marcos adjusted once again to another great loss in his life...first Ruth and then Walker...his best friends.

Marcos was quite popular amongst friends and guests at our house throughout the remainder of his life but he clearly was slowing down in the last two years...his strut and tail wagging faded and his attention became directed into a world of his own understanding-- Marcos was becoming senile.  So it was that Marcos lived in his own world for the last year of his life--always a good eater even though he became a very good sleeper also and there were many times that I thought he had slipped away from us--but no, up until yesterday Marcos was very much alive until he simply couldn´t get up anymore...he cried, and cried with great pain all through last night and this morning Dr. Hugo his longtime physician took the pain away to stay...we were there, we saw Marcos go away today...Marcos doesn´t live here anymore as he´s gone to rejoin Ruth and Walker again...he did it with his eyes wide open and didn´t even tremble or cry.

Lord hear my prayer for Marcos, Walker and Ruth and their happy reunion today.


Caminante said...

While Marcos might be happy to be with Walker and Ruth again, it is very sad and hard for you and so my heart goes to you as you mourn his passing and celebrate his life.

Far too many companions have crossed the rainbow bridge in the past week (Marcos is the third one I know).

Un gran abrazo en la fraternidad y sororidad de las animales que nos aman.

JCF said...

Aw, Marcos. Enjoy your Tail Del Oro. Good boy.

Happy Reunion!

Brian said...

May God receive Marcos into His heavenly kingdom to rejoin Walker and Ruth and may God bless Ricardo and console him in his time of grief.

IT said...

Sorry for your loss, Leonardo. Our pets are often the truest of friends and they never misunderstand us. I know you will miss Marcos!

it's margaret said...

God bless you Marcos for all the love given and received--may you run swiftly and freely; and God bless you, Leonardo and Juan Carlos, for all the love you showered upon him.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks everyone-- Marcos is missed around here-- most think he was around 18 years old when he said ¨hasta la vista¨...sad night last night without him in all the usual spaces.

Leonardo and Juan Carlos

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Prayers from here--I'm sure you miss Marcos terribly--and Boomer and Little Eddie send their condolences, too.

We mourn and grieve with you and Juan Carlos...and remember, I believe in dog karma. Dogs hear when there is an opening at the homes of those who love dogs most. Just remember there's always room for the grief AND dog karma.

Brian R said...

Praying that God will comfort you in your loss.

Ciss B said...

Such a beautiful tribute! The loss of a loved one is hard be it human or furry. I pray Marcos is running happily through heaven with Walker and Ruth.

My own family and especially my youngest son lost a special little beagle named Atari three weeks ago so I understand to well the loss of a fuzzy friend. The little guy was my grandpuppy and spent many hours playing here with me.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Ciss,

Thanks for your sharing...while I was writing up my story, Ruths story, Walkers story and how all were impacted by Marcos I thought of how profoundly relationships of joy weave their ways through our lives-- it seems that we are all very capable of being ¨good friends¨---our records, our personal histories inform it when one really thinks about it.

Love to you and yours,

BooCat said...

I was very sorry to here about Marcos. What a good dog and good companion. My prayers are with you as you mourn his passing.

Bonnie said...

Leonardo--What a beautiful tribute to the life and times and love of generous people and faithful furry friends.

May all God's living waters and tender mercies surround you and Juan Carlos in your grief.

Big Hugs to both of you,

Anonymous said...

There's such a void when we lose these dear companions. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

You gave Marcos a wonderful home and much love. God bless you.