Jun 22, 2011

ARCHBISHOP ROWAN POSTURES IN KENYA (as I mudwrestle the computer devil in Central America)

Greetings Friends,

I am experiencing some computer difficulties and will resume regular postings shortly (I believe the devil andor Archbishop Orombi screwed up my Blogger connection but they won´t win the battle for my hard drive or soul)...meanwhile, Rowan Williams, is PONTIFICATING about vertical corruption in Kenya amongst despots and everyday thieves...what a shame he missed that important real life topic at the Anglican African Bishops Conference in Entebbe, Uganda last year...oh well, NO SENSE RISKING the discussion of real life issues amongst stickey fingered prelates at the ANGLICAN COMMUNION (Zimbabwe, NIGERIA, Uganda and ACNA come to mind ),


Caminante said...

Suerte con la compu... gorgeous rose on your header, surely from your huerto? As for the ABC... sigh.

WV: winger... oh my there are lots of things one can do with this one!

Anonymous said...

Hola Splendida Caminante!

Yes, the roses and more are from our very own very own-- we are blessed with Juan Carlos AND Chepe (he is the manager of a big vivero but comes twice a week to help here in our garden of earthly/heavely delights)--Chepe will, big hopefully, be one of the new Vice Mayors after the September election-- keep your fingers crossed and your crosses handy (Chepe is also on the ¨vestry type¨ board of the local parish RC Church).

Best to you and yours and happy trails!


Leonardo Ricardo said...