Jun 4, 2011

SURVIVING THE ANGLICAN ANGST: Many members of the worldwide Anglican Communion want transparency now! The sick secrets and manipulating must stop!

Attention: Estimado CoE Archbishops, Province Primates and Global South/Gafcon schismatics

The time has come. You, all of you, must be held fully accountable for the fear, hate, difference and general nonsense/descension many of you have brewed at the Body of Christ.  The progressively spiritual sickness/bile that some have ignorantly, and quite regularly, spewn from pulpits into pews is no longer acceptable or believable religious ¨care¨ anywhere.  Many of you must revise your leadership skills.  Some of you have gone way too far by destroying family, parish and diocese lives with your self-imagined and selective Scriptural notions of holylike ¨purity¨ and right  (yours) vs. wrong (others).  A few of you have become dangerous bullies, bigots, despots and thieves...criminals at church.  The Archbishop of Canterbury has taken to throwing tantrums HERE, issuing snide comments and ill-advised threats because of his insistance that all be obedient to him and also sign his punitive and ¨dreaded¨ covenant HERE.

We, most all of the worldwide we´s, would like to nurture and embrace common sense living and loving with healthy spiritual standards that promote/ encourage wisdom, honesty (individual as well as collective) and truth when respecting Gods commandments.  Most of us have become willing to become responsible for our very own personal character....to love one another, to serve one another, to help one another and not abuse one another in a more authentic stewardship ¨calling¨ than demonizing and marginalizing our *other* Anglican family members.    

The vast amounts of mischiefmaking engineered by religious/politico leaders throughout the Anglican Communion is running way out of control.  Anglican Bishops secretly and selfrighteously ignore the harm they do to other human beings. They often promote dangerous/dishonest life choices (force lies) and support death threatening ¨religious¨ social issues/laws initiated against heterosexual women and LGBT Anglicans/others in hate crime stained places such as Jamaica, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, England, Zimbabwe and The Middle East/beyond.

+Rowan Williams and others, stop the deceit, stop the manipulating of truth and exclusion/prohibition against *marked* and marginalized Anglicans at The Anglican Communion.

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