Jun 17, 2011

DEMOLISHING THE BOOGEYMAN: Some things in life don’t come with a manual and so there are no easy ways around them

‘’私は同性愛者です。’’ = ‘’I AM GAY’’
The damage can be so unpredictable that preparing for it futile.
¨...Well, whatever happens when you dare to mention those three little words, happens! Be strong! Be fierce! Because, whether you belief you were born ‘’this way’’; or forced into ‘’it’’; had an unpleasant childhood experience and somehow ended up ‘in it’’; just curious and tried and couldn’t stop trying ‘’it’’. Whether you belief in the nature vs. nurture theory; you are here and you are queer and that’s how it’s gonna be! So stand resolute in your PRIDE and don’t be afraid! Put your Mac and Cover Girl lip balms on and bellow those three words. Because in doing so you fight your fear, show your pride and armor yourself from all negativity that’s ahead.¨  please read it all, HERE

·  Thanks to Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender and Queer Jamaica, sidebar
·  Thanks to From Tops 2 Bottom,   HERE
·  Thanks to Google Image Results/Photo, ¨todaysfacilitymanager¨

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