Jun 7, 2011

THE INCLUSIVE EVOLUTION/REVOLUTION IS NEAR: Yes, we like you and are like you and hope that you like us too!

¨Evolution¨ por alfonsozt
From the ¨Department of Reality and Justice = Equality¨  

I´m  glad to know that most healthy heterosexual folks are evolving and  adjusting to a broader/inclusive world view and realizing the truth of the composition of mankind and the human sexual reality surrounding all of us...understanding/acknowledging the basic nature of both you and me is a very important thing...no more fidgeting, no more running for cover and no more avoiding reality by playing daily charades of denial and pretend, no more blame or shame, no more ¨using others¨ to portray ¨being¨ people that we are not...best of all, acknowledging all oneanothers with our eyes open and doing justice by agreeing that we all have a basic right to exist equally is a very blessed advancement in the human family...being individually, transparently, responsible for ones own personal character is best done in the full light of basic truth...no to shadowy secrets to hide behind...not for anybody.

I knew this already.  I´ve suspected it would only be a matter of time before we stopped hiding out in plain sight of one another and all came out from wherever it was that we were/are.  I´ve always known my/our everyday brothers and sisters, best friends, coworkers and fellow citizens would grow out from under and get over the nonsense of marginalizing themselves/others, our loved ones and friends.  I knew the bold lies, taunts and slanderous nonsense that is often preached and carelessly spewn at Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender members of everyones human family would lead to doubt...self doubt and cultural change..another human rights evolution.

Really.  It´s been my experience, with over six decades of awareness (breathing in and out) and witnessing people around me that many folks accepted, loved or at least liked me and people like me for exactly who we were/are!  Yikes, authenticity-- the REAL thing!  Humanity is now quickly forgetting the ¨name-calling¨ part because LGBTI people are now emerging as face-to-face brothers, sisters, coworkers and everyday best friends. Sure, some of you have been extra suspicious of us and/or been even flat-out annoyed with ¨Gay people¨ and felt inconvenienced that we expected, and sometimes insisted on being treated equally.  Sometimes we´ve made you think and take note that we are different than you thought we were/are.  Sometimes you´ve made us think and take note that you are different than we thought you were/are! It´s been a difficult time for all of us to see exactly who we are, but,  now justice for all means not one of us must be left out and/or automatically outcasted and despised!  Time to relax and do the right and natural thing by putting fear aside and focusing on ¨what is¨ as opposed to what some demand ¨should be¨ in other peoples lives.

ALERT:  We are nothing new and neither are you. Most of us have been sitting, standing, laughing, crying, celebrating, mourning, voting, succeeding/failing, and glad handing/hugging right next to the rest of you for lifetimes!  Forever it´s been clear that we accept you in most everything you do...it´s time to return the acceptance, the compliment, the favor and add a small measure of freely given joy and respect too.

LGBTI are like you and we like you too and I see it´s nearing the time when you like us equally too.

¨More than 60 percent of American adults say it would not matter to them if a candidate for president was gay, according to a new poll from Pew Research for the People and the Press. Thirty-three percent of respondents said they would be less likely to support a gay candidate....¨  please read it all,   HERE

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