Jun 17, 2011

TWO FACED GRACE - BISHOP OROMBI: Killing children is a growing ritual in Uganda and 50,000 children have been sold into slavery as Bishop Henry pushes ¨ecclesiastical protection¨ to the ¨posionous¨ Episcopal Church of North America!

The Devil and Archbishop Henry Orombi,  Christian chairty ought begin at home!
OVER 50,000 children in Karamoja, Uganda have been sold or hired out by their parents since 2001.

¨Many of them such as Peter Lopiding, 62, have done it to get money for food to feed their families.
Only weeks after the transaction, the money runs out and they regret selling their children.

Mzee Peter Lopiding, 62, is glued to his stool, Eche Cholon, under a tree at the bus stop at Iriri trading centre in the newly-created Napak district.

A Gateway bus from Kampala arrives and the door opens. Lopiding carefully looks at every disembarking passenger, with the hope that his daughter will be one of them. She isn’t. And as usual, he is disappointed.

He cannot count how many times he has come to the bus stop with the hope that his daughter will be one of the passengers from Kampala.

Three years ago, an ‘aid worker’, gave Lopiding sh50,000 and took his 14-year-old daughter to Kampala. His family was starving and they needed to buy food. Besides, with the girl gone, Lopiding had fewer mouths to feed. He bought sorghum, the staple food in Karamoja, for his family of 10 but after a week, the money was gone.

But the ‘aid worker’ had not told him the truth. Lopiding thought he was only hiring out his daughter and she would come back after a while.

“He took my daughter to Kampala and promised to let her visit us often. It is now three years and she has not returned. Every day, I sit here with the hope of receiving her,” he says.

Like Lopiding, many poverty-stricken Karimojong parents have been duped into selling off their children. According to UNICEF, over 50,000 children from Karamoja have been sold or hired out since 2001. HERE

“The only sacrifice is the blood of Jesus because it is pure and washes
away sins.” Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi, of the Church of Uganda
blamed devil worship for child sacrifice.¨
Child sacrifice in Uganda

Many children all over the country every year have been increasingly killed in cold blood by traditional healers and witch doctors.

The epidemic is on the rise and now is the time to hear the fading
voices of these children and advocate for action against these ritual

According to the 2008 Uganda Crime Report, ritual murders rose by 80% from
the previous year with children emerging as the target victims. In 2009, an nter-ministerial anti-human sacrifice/trafficking task force under the Uganda Police was set up to combat the ritual murders.  HERE

· Thanks to Frederick Womakuyu
· Thanks to Olandason Wanyama
· Thanks to New Vision, Kampala
· Thanks to End Child Sacrifice, Uganda


Fred Schwartz said...

I do not know if this is still going on but the choldren used to be "recruited" for the Lord's Army and no one including Henri Luke Orombi even spoke out against this atrocity.

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Hi Leonardo. Just barging in here to tell you about a program on Current TV called "Missionaries of Hate." It's all about the anti-gay movement in Uganda. Current TV's URL is http://current.com/. I just happened upon it after watching Countdown (Keith Olbermann) on the network.

Don't know if it's available in volcano country, but wanted to tell you about it anyway. Hope all is well with your beautiful self.

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Thank you fs,

I was just thinking about you two days ago! Hope all is well!

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