Jun 25, 2011

THOU SHALT NOT POKETH EYES OUT: The Anglican Covenant--borne out of a combination of hate by the Global South Primates and a lustful desire for power...

His ¨Punitiveness¨,  Homophobic Archbishop Drexel Gomez, remains chairperson of The Anglican Covenant ¨design group¨ even after retirement  HERE
¨...The Anglican Covenant was borne out of a combination of hate by the Global South Primates and a lustful desire for power that only can be satisfied by being the absolute ruler. In this case, Robert Duncan, John David Schofield, Jack Iker, Peter Jensen, Peter Akinola, Micael Nazir-Ali, Henri Luke Orombi and several others want to play "god". They have placed scripture as the end all and be all AND have positioned themselves as the only true doctors of the church that not only can understand scripture but can interpret it as well!¨

¨His Hatefulness¨ Archbishop Peter ¨Massacre at Yelwa¨  HERE Akinola, retired of Nigeria
¨Homosexuality and lesbianism, like divorce, breed a society of single parents which gives rise to a generation of bastards. And in the context of much poverty and lack of education, this further produces an ill-bred generation of hooligans, portending much terror to the peace and stability of the society.

Homosexuality and lesbianism thrives on many sexual aberrations and improvisations typical of human selfishness and greed in the name of pleasure and self-actualization.¨  Archbishop ¨Big Petey¨ Akinola HERE

¨What do they hate? They hate any and all LGBT persons who have been called by our Savior to be included in the full life of the church. They hate women, especially those in powerful positions such as priest, bishops and presiding bishops. These primates and would be pretenders to the throne will not even take communion with the Presiding Bishop of our Episcopal Church.¨

The ¨Gafcon¨ schismatic vultures circle in Singapore
The Punitive Anglican Covenant:  ¨Various Anglican Provinces will be forced out of the Anglican Family because ¨what you are doing is an offense to the integrity of the Family¨  Archbishop Drexel Gomez HERE

¨The Windsor Report gave the Global South the opportunity to band together to steal property from the Episcopal Church, the Anglican Church of Canada, and soon, the Church of England. While they were doing that, providing a safe haven for thieves and deposed bishops and priests, we were distracted by the wonderful Archbishop of Canterbury telling us we had violated the Windsor Report and slapping our wrists. And we, the Episcopal Church in the United States of America took it. We wrung our hands and tried to figure out how to play nice because that is what everyone asked us to do and we are the good child and follow our parents command.¨

¨His Deposedness¨  ACNA Archbishop Bob Duncan,  the deposed  TEC bishop of Pittsburgh
¨Then the Global South/FCA and all the alphabet soup came up with this Anglican Covenant thingy. We talked about and through it for four iterations. All the while GAFCON and the Jerusalem Document was formed/written, the ACNA Province was formed and made Robert Duncan a provincial ruler -- yep, a deposed bishop gets to play with the big boys while we were wrestling with the iterations of the Anglican Covenant...¨ please read it all, By Fred Schwartz HERE

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Fred Schwartz said...

I like what you have done with the post. Thank you, we should think about more collaboration ;-)

Grandmère Mimi said...

Leonardo, I was rolling on the floor with "His Deposedness" ACNA Archbishop Bob Duncan".

The contents of the rest of your post are not funny at all. You and Fred might consider teaming up more often.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Mimi, I know, I know, for some reason that whining idiot (with a high IQ) is one that brings out the worst in me...I named him Duncan Pitts (in the secret cave under the volcano--just kidding)...in fact this whole group of GLOBAL SOUTH and GAFCON misfits are really something to behold when one takes them one by one, case by case-- everything from a blownup prancing Homophobe Ugandan, a Nigerian who ignites massacres, to a half-baked political sell-out of a Egyptian as Drexel Gomez refuses to even note the ¨Gay¨ blood drenched footprint in his Jamaican/West Indies history as he hosts the ACC in Kingston (of course, Rowan doesn´t either)-- and then there are the pure bigots and theives (and they´ve not yet stepped down from the high alter of hate-worship)at the Anglican Communion...anti-women, anti-LGBTI the place has mud on it´s face.