Jun 14, 2011

EXPOSING THE BOOGEYMAN*: ¨The time for discrimination — especially the insidious bigotry that has been wrapped in the cloak of faith — to end.¨

 “History has not been kind to the Southern Baptist Convention’s record on minorities, and it is making the same awful mistake today by perpetuating abuse against gay people.”
“We call on the Southern Baptist Convention to stop misusing the Bible to promote religion-based bigotry and start recognizing the enormous pain and suffering caused by its mistreatment of LGBT people, particularly vulnerable youth...¨ please read it all, HERE

¨It’s time for religious entities like the Southern Baptist Convention to apologize for the immense harm they’ve done to our community, and to stop providing cover for politicians to disguise their political bigotry as courageous...”

EXPOSING THE BOOGEYMAN: Removing the religious disguise and revealing political bigotry.

¨In some cases the boogeyman is a nickname for the devil
The Bogeyman may be called "Boogerman" or "Boogermonster" in rural areas of the American South, and was most often used to keep young children from playing outside past dark, or wandering off in the forest. "The boogerman'll getcha" is a phrase many young Southerners heard...¨  please read it all, HERE

¨Gay Pride is Killing the Boogeyman¨  Josh Thomas
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Josh Thomas said...

It's important to remember why the Southern Baptist Convention is called Southern. They broke away and stayed away from their Northern counterparts in support of slavery. Your Klan photo is appropriate. The SBC is the Klan.

They finally apologized for their racism 120+ years after the Civil War, which shows that they supported - as a church! - racism, segregation, discrimination, violence and apartheid.

Then they needed some new niggers, because all they know is who they're against, and Richard Land tagged Gay people. It worked for a while, but those days are done. Gay pride is killing the boogeyman.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Sam Houston from the grave no doubt keeps trying to inform emotionally unbalanced bigots/ignoramouses to use their head instead of their horses asses for thinking. God only knows what kinda new ¨civil war¨ it´s going to take before a younger ¨good ol´ boy¨ type will be made to STOP spinning religion into full-fledged hatemongering against ¨Gays¨ at Church...rotted at the core but always salvageable...verdad? That´s the promise but when, oh Lord, when?