Jun 23, 2011

SAVED AT LAST: Although the Devil and dangerous assorted other villains messed with my computer we survived (whew, once again)!

Dulce Serena de Gonzalez y Leonardo Ricardo
Dear Friends,

Thanks for being so patient and kind.  Thanks to many of you who helped try and resolve my little bitty, yet quite nasty, computer problem with blogger -- I would like to announce that thanks to the wonders of MAYA GENIUS from a nearby village, I´m back, fully functioning and ready to dip into addressing the various items of prejudice, bigotry and hate that have long since burned all the way out from inside of me (possibly did some damage to the hard drive too)...but, alas, we´re having a rainstorm, a biggie rainstorm which even makes the MAYA MIRACLE more certain!  So tomorrow, floating or not, I´ll be looking for all of you!  You´re NOT a glum lot and thanks again for your online loyalty.

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