May 17, 2011

The Most Holy Homophobic Anglican Bishops--my nominations list for 2011:

HIS GRACELESSNESS: ¨Do not come here to tell me about grace; what grace? We will never accept it”, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh of Nigeria furiously replied.

HIS PUNITIVENESS:  Archbishop Drexel Gomez, Chairperson of The Anglican Communion Covenant. which, in his own words, provides ¨Mechanisms¨ for ¨Determining Violations¨ and ¨Removals¨ HERE

HIS SNEAKINESS: Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi, quiet, yet busy, poachster and progenitor of the uncivilized, inhumane, unholy and deadly war/pogrom and everyday ¨witch hunt¨ against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender men and women in Uganda and beyond Uganda at the ¨poisoness¨  American Episcopal Church. HERE

HIS HANDRINGINGNESSHosni Mubarak´s very recent ¨former¨ supporter and anti-LGBTI zealot,  Global South/Gafcon Preenster,  Anglican Archbishop Mouneer Anis of Egypt HERE
HIS SHIFTINESS:  Bishop Greg Venables of The Anglican Province of The Southern Cone ¨near always makes unsupportable assertations and statements that he presents as facts¨  HERE
HIS MORAL AUTHORITILESS: John Chew Appointed Head of ¨Right Wing¨ Anglican Global South imagines himself/ themselves to be the international voice of ¨moral authority¨ as he/they export anti-lgbt demonizing worldwide at Church.

¨This is a disorder that deserves full acknowledgment as a psychological problem unto itself. It is not enough to merely note the harm or lament the damage. Researchers and therapists need to develop treatment approaches that have the capacity to alleviate it." Mary H. Guindon, PhD

"[W]e explore the characteristics of persons who perpetrate pain and injustice on others through racism, sexism, or homophobia. We propose that those who engage in such harmful behaviors are in fact displaying a type of psychopathology that deserves its own particular category... In other words, behind racism, sexism, and homophobia, there seems to be a common core of intolerance that supports and contributes to these attitudes or mindsets in their various manifestations. The traits associated with this form of intolerance, when taken as a whole, seem to be descriptive of a personality disorder...¨ HERE


Fred Schwartz said...

You missed his donutness, Robert Duncan. His flakiness, John David Schofield, his mysoginist, Jack Iker and his slipperiness Martyn Minns.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Fred,

Duncan Pitts no longer qualifies as a Anglican Bishop and neither do deposed ¨Bumpy Ride¨ Schofield or ¨methinks thou dost protest too mucho¨ Iker -- of course Martyn Minns has made a career for himself trying to justify poaching on other peoples property and defending tyrants (Yelwa) and thieves (Colorado)...not much more to say, not really.