May 21, 2011

¨If we are to defeat homophobia, we must try to understand why some are so keen to promote it...¨

Christianity and homophobia in Britain today
By Symon Hill
¨We begin with Jesus, who practised radical inclusivity, challenged the powerful and taught forgiveness, nonviolence and love for all people, including enemies. He proclaimed freedom - freedom from social, political, religious and emotional oppression. They killed Jesus because he was too free...¨

¨Many people identify Christianity with homophobia, misogyny, social control and sexual abuse. I can hardly blame them for doing so. All manner of evil has been justified in the name of Christianity. Much of the Church is, to one extent or another, homophobic. This homophobia is perpetuated by bigots who define their faith by their hatred of gay people and by liberals who fail to speak up for inclusion out of a misplaced desire for unity. The hypocrisy which often accompanies such prejudice has been exposed in its most sickening form in recent revelations about church-based child abuse.

But there are also many inclusive Christians. Quakers, Unitarians and the Metropolitan Community Church are ready to carry out same-sex marriages. Within larger denominations, such as the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church, there are individuals and groups who back inclusion. A number of queer Christians suggest that their queerness is not incidental to their Christianity but is inspired and affirmed by their understanding of Jesus' teachings.

And there are large numbers of Christians who have changed their minds, as well as those who have rejected same-sex relationships in the past but are now questioning their convictions and genuinely struggling with the issues...¨  please read it all,   HERE

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Fred Schwartz said...

First, I am a huge fan of "Sir Charles" and I appreciate his position. As a former basketball player (well, not more than college) I agree with his thoughts (not that Charles needs mine or anyone elses agreement).

Second, I also happen to like Mao's writing as well as the basic underlying position Marxism stakes out. And yes, many Western countries were imperialist in nature but so were Russia and China and Cuba (which played a huge role in Africa). How does that affect the issue of LGBT and radical inclusivity? I would think that from each according to means to each according to need means "everyone".
Okay, rant over.