May 6, 2011

THE MURDEROUS DESPOTS OF UGANDA: President Yoweri Museveni aka The Ghost of Idi Amin Dada, Violently Attacks Outraged Citizens

¨Less than a week ago, the opposition parties started a 'walk-to-work' peaceful protest. The government responded with over whelming violence.

Currently, as I write, the major opposition leader is in neighbouring Kenya, for medical attention for injuries he received during one of his 4 arrests. They sprayed tear gas and pepper direct into his face, after breaking down his car windows. And, this was in full view of the press.

President Yoweri Museveni responds to protestors with ¨overwhelming violence¨ while awaiting his ¨recoronation¨ for third term
The next day, riots paralysed the country. It was after the video of that arrest was shown on TV. Ugandans, the citizens of the country were appalled. They came out on strike. And, the government responded with overwhelming violence again. So bad that the spectre of Idi Amin Dada, famous dictator and life president of Uganda was raised.

Anglican MP David ¨Kill all the Gays¨ Bahati pushes to pass inhumane ¨DIVERSION¨ legislation at Parliament
LGBTI rights are HUMAN Rights. They are not divisible. They are not above others, they are not distinct from the others.

So, the country is in a ferment. With the coronation to happen in just a few days time. So, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is being discussed... and ready to be passed.

Make common cause in demanding the cessation of abuse of rights of Ugandans, including LGBTI ugandans, by the Government of Uganda

So, it is a DIVERSION. The government needs a heady diversion for the country. For the outraged citizens of Uganda...¨ please read it allHERE

David Bahati: Hearings took place today on Uganda´s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

¨Today, public hearings on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill took place before the Parliamentary and Legal Affairs Committee, according to the bill author, David Bahati. In an interview, Bahati said that the Uganda Law Reform Commission and several religious leaders were on the list of those slated to provide testimony. He added, “I know that the process of legislation is moving forward.”

Bahati declined to say that the bill would be voted on next week, saying that the actual end of Parliament is not until May 18 when the 9th Parliament also begins. According to Charles Tuhaise, a researcher for parliament’s research office, most of the business will be concluded by the end of next week. He told me that the hearings for the Marriage and Divorce Bill have concluded and those for the Anti-Homosexuality Bill began today. In addition to the Law Reform Commission, those providing testimony today included the Attorney General’s Office, Martin Ssempa and Stephen Langa’s Family Life Network. Tuhaise said the antigay bill hearings will probably conclude on Monday with the NGO Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law being one group on the agenda...¨ please read it all HERE

The President won a third term with more than 70% of the vote. The city is in virtual lockdown with troops on every street corner. The ruling party is on course to take a 3/4 constitution changing majority in parliament. HERE

¨...I am in total shock. Museveni seems to have completely lost it, and is well on his way to being the oppressive dictator that he said he would never become. The military and police are shooting live bullets at peaceful protestors, beating and using pepper spray on Besigye, his main opposition, and refusing to allow anybody to speak out against his increasingly corrupt and violent regime...¨ read it all, HERE

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