May 27, 2011

How I wish I hadn´t lost trust and respect for Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. How I wish I could continue to play pretend...

,Archbishop Rowan Williams, please resign

I´m American, I live in Latin America, I live at the Global South of The Anglican Communion.

Being a ¨Norte Americano¨ and living over two decades in Latin America, I´ve realized and honored cultural differences as I´ve also spent over 4 years of my working life in the Far East--Hong Kong/China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.  I´ve noticed big differences in ¨acceptable behavior¨ and business/personal style in Europe too as I attended industry shows twice a year for over eight years in England, France and Italy.

I realize that often people do things differently than I do and hold different opinions on standards for ¨honesty¨ than I do.  I don´t know it all and I have benfited much by the experience of learning from others elsewhere throughout the World. However, what I can´t, and won´t, do is continously adjust to  denying and pretending dishonorable behavior is anything different than it really is...especially at Church.

· I try hard not to participate in codependent ¨look the other way¨ habits with anyone (especially if the violator tries to intimidate me).

· I try hard not to live in a world of ¨pretend¨ --sometimes I wish that ¨things¨ are different than they really are (usually because of my own fear of losing what I think I must have, wink, wink).

· I try hard to look reality in the eye. I must keep trying as anything less is dishonest to me/others and destructive to my character (tangled webs/deceive).

· I try hard to call a spade a spade and struggle to keep my eye on reality (especially when I desperately want to see good when the ¨manipulating truth¨ is dangerous to myself and others around me).

·  I try hard, yet hard as I might, I fall short of living my life in my world of integrity building accompanied by underlying levels of twisted thinking.

Sharpening my focus on me/you is a ongoing challenge (especially when I sometimes have much to lose by not ¨playing along¨ with crooks, abusers, liars and thieves because I wish/hope and try to insist, to myself and others, that they/I have personal character that is ¨good at the core¨…portrayed good character that they/I have little of or have none at all).

Admitting deceit at the Anglican Communion

Rowan Williams has proven to be a deceitful, snide and punishing leader to heterosexual women and to our LGBTI sisters and brothers throughout the Anglican Communion. His ¨nuanced¨ (sneaky and blatant) despotic leadership continues to demean, marginalize and discriminate against other Anglicans. He often discriminates against  minority ¨marginalized¨ human beings– he has a cowardly, and codependent ¨working relationship¨ with Anglicans at the Global South and panders to the Gafcon schismatics-- pandering to religiouslike bigots who harm tens of thousands of LGBTI Anglicans on the ground in Jamaica, Uganda, Nigeria, the Middle East and even in the United Kingdom (as with Jeffrey John and many others we can now openly witness ). Anglican David Kato in Uganda has been murdered along with many Anglican/other lesbian ¨rape cure¨ victims because, in part, of poor episcopal stewardship at The Anglican Communion.

· A credible ¨standard¨ of leadership by Lambeth Palace to help enlighten by ¨listening¨ suggested by Lambeth 1.10 has not been encouraged by Rowan Williams (forget the faux monitoring committee).

· Rowan Williams attempts to force-feed a unfortunate Anglican covenant that is a punitive document written and promoted with the deceitful intent to admonish others with ¨relational consequences.¨

· Dr. Williams and his all-new ¨moralike¨ guidelines for homosexuals who are called to the Bishopric at The Church of England do not apply to heterosexuals applicants equally.  More premeditated excuses to punish members of our extended LGBTI Anglican Family at The Body of Christ.

I´m truly sorry that Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, hasn´t risen to a positive and high standard like many Archbishops at Lambeth Palace have before him. As ¨first among equals¨ at the Anglican Communion, Dr. Williams doesn´t live up to universally held standards that demonstrate spiritual and emotional stability.

Best to keep trusting in God when the ¨deciding¨ gets tough

Most in the West have listened, we have done our part, we have many times given Rowan Williams the benefit of our doubt(s) and endlessly trusted him to the point of being irresponsible to ourselves and those whom we defend as equals at The Body of Christ.

I believe for the sake of truth and honesty, and for the good of all Anglicans throughout the Anglican Communion, Rowan Williams ought resign.  Dr. Williams has become a tyrant who intentionally marginalizes, demonzies and worst of all promotes the excluding of many qualified Anglicans who are called to  participate at all levels of Churchlife.

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, please resign.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Leonardo, I love your plaque and your post, which is a righteous rant, indeed.

Muthah+ said...

Time for the Druid to retire.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Yes, the path narrows (and so do his eyes)...time for the big adios so we can all get back to business of radical inclusivity and loving one another at The Body of Christ.

P.S. I didn´t design the above graphic -- it came into being at the hand of a brillant friend-- the one who designed the No Anglican Covenant logo.