May 28, 2011

KUSHABA MOSES MWORENKO GRANTED ASYLUM IN US: Fired/Demonized Teacher from Anglican Christian University/Uganda is safe at last!

Ugandan Kushaba Moses Mworenko  wins US Asylum
¨After many twists and turns since early 2010 that included a 6-month stint in San Francisco that resulted in Homeland Security terminating the case and forcing the Arlington, VA, asylum office to reverse its decision in favor of Moses. This was to take only 3 weeks from the judge’s order on January 1, 2011, and took nearly 5 months, but the day finally arrived this week. Moses thanks all of you for your support over the last 18 months that helped make this all possible.

Moses continues to work valiantly on behalf of the LGBT and HIV+ community in Uganda, and surely will be able to accomplish more now that his case has been settled. Moses’ continually updated Global Sexual Freedom Annotated Bibliography Global Sexual Freedom Rights Bibliography  remains available to anyone who needs a quick education on the challenges we face to bring about equal rights for all sexual minorities, here and abroad. Moses is also helping  Get Equal , Venus Plus X ,
and other organizations to expose members of congress aligned with groups such as “The Family” (active in 192 countries) who are fomenting hatred and erasure of LGBT and HIV+ plus people everywhere, at American taxpayers expense...¨ please read it all HERE

Archdemonizer of LGBTI Anglicans/others, Bishop Henry Luke Orombi/Uganda is a member of the ¨extended¨  Washington ¨C Street¨  scandal riddled ¨Family¨ and Chancellor of Ugandas Christian University   ¨C Street Family¨ quick reference list
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