May 6, 2011

MAY I HEAR A EARTHSHAKING AMEN? ...their innocent little ´stand on the issue´ is being seen as mean-spirited and based in animus...

¨ I wish that my personal religious beliefs would not have become a distraction from the amazing things that are happening in the Olympic movement in the United States¨ Peter Vidmar 
Vidmar steps down as  U.S. Olympic Committee  Chief of Mission

By Timothy Kincaid
¨...I have no sympathy for those who are discovering that their innocent little “stand on the issue” which they were willing to make because of the “call of their church” is now being seen as mean-spirited and based in animus. And not just by the “militant homosexual activists”, but by average everyday citizens. My heart doesn’t bleed in the slightest for those who are finding that doing real harm to real people can have real consequences.¨  read it all, HERE
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Grandmère Mimi said...


Leonardo Ricardo said...

AMEN (tambien)!!!

I always wondered about how many lifetimes LGBTI people would be expected to keep listening the smearing and slandering without making a face or simply asking the self-justified ¨abusers¨ to ¨put a lid on it¨ (something stronger came to mind).

Jim said...

A Men!!!


JCF said...

Peter Vidmar was riding the Waaaaaah!mbulance, because he got busted for his PropH8 donation.

The days of being silent in the face of your bigotry are OVER, Peter. Too bad, so sad.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Perhaps the abusers of LGBTI people will go further underground--as operating on the surface with slander, fear and hate doesn´t seem to be working out for them in a world where ALL are expected to gradually become responsible for their very own personal integrity...lot´s of work to do for those who are deeply entrenched in defending their *human right* to dehumanize, demonize and marginalize others at Church and in everyday life-- it´s time they grow up emotionally as well as spiritually or face the consequences of their actions if they choose to ¨act out¨ (as happened to a single Hispanic Gay Man over the weekend in El Paso who is in critical condition after being beaten for being ¨gay¨ by six thugs)-- there is no anti-lgbti ¨institution or cause¨ large enough for bigots and religious zealots who harm others to hide behind...blatant and raw ignorance and discrimination must die a quick death of the last, hopefully, kind.