May 14, 2011

Warren Throckmorton: ¨American Psychiatric Association issues statement against Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill¨

Whereas: The Hon. David Bahati, a member of the Ugandan Parliament, has introduced an Anti-Homosexuality Bill in the Ugandan Parliament calling for:
1.  Seven years of imprisonment for anyone who attempts to engage in homosexual contact
2.  Life imprisonment for anyone who engages in sexual penetration of a member of the same gender;
3.  Death for “aggravated homosexuality” which includes repeated offenses of homosexuality or engaging in a homosexual act while HIV-positive.
4.  Imprisonment of up to three years for failing to report violations of the statute within 24 hours of awareness of the offense

¨Earlier this evening, the American Psychiatric Association formally condemned the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda. Although the bill appears to be finished for this Parliament, it may be back during the next one. The APA wanted to make clear to mental health professionals in Uganda that the proposed bill was counter to professional guidance.  HERE is the action paper¨

Be It Resolved: That the American Psychiatric Association reaffirms its position that there is no credible scientific evidence that same sex attraction is pathological, chosen, needs “cure,” or entails threat to heterosexual families or to children
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