Nov 6, 2009

ALERT: Has GOD been busy (again) instructing people to Hate and Kill one another?

Heads up!

Doesn´t any of this mounting EVERYDAY VIOLENCE seem sicker than usual to YOU?

Why are religious zealots and right wing politicans encouraging bloodshed/warmongering, greedy practices, rebellion/sedition and reporting endless justifications for such selfrighteousness and selfishness? Why do the selfnamed ¨holy¨ have so many personal encounters with a God who clearly instructs them to FEAR and HATE and SLANDER others in Gods name? Demonize? Exclude? Despise? Shoot? Kill?

Why are drugged out/addicted talk show hosts and a irresponsible/uninformed smug exGovernor from Alaska Grandstand and claim that God is working miracles in their culturally and emotionally corrupt and obviously deranged personal lives?

Why are thieving and corrupt Archbishops and other religious thugs from Africa/beyond coming to the United States, Canada and England to organize anti-LGBT ministries and steal parish properties after aligning with bigoted cohorts? Why are Americans/others terrified of their LGBT brothers, sisters, coworkers and friends all of a sudden? Why are Americans falling through the cracks of their once spiritually and emotionally sound lives?

Why is a Ex President and Vice President, who instigated TWO WARS and near ECONOMIC RUIN in The United States, proclaiming God is working well by generating more destruction causing more fear and hate and everyday confusion and validating social ills and ruin?

What manmade fundamentalist ¨selective religiondriven insanity¨ is CAUSING multiple mass murder outbreaks, weekly and vicious hatecrimes, rapings, excluding, sexual slavery, exploitation of the poor, drugging, hiding, lieing, rampant alcoholism as well as justifying murder in the name of a God who COMMANDS ALL OF US to Love oneanother in Peace?

Who authorized obsessed and dangerous ¨religious¨ people to PREACH MARGINALIZING TO OTHERS and lay the foundation for FEAR and HATE on such a grand and reoccuring international scale that there is nowhere to avoid their vileness and judgmentalism in the World?

Why are lost souls encouraged by the example/word of some contaminated religious leaders to blow themselves up or exclude and/or harm and abuse others in everyday society in the name of God?


·FORT HOOD, Texas — An Army psychiatrist who'd recently completed training in treating traumatic stress disorder opened fire Thursday on a group of soldiers preparing to deploy to Iraq, killing at least 12 and wounding 31.

¨Fort Hood shooter was Army psychiatrist who treated stress,¨ click HERE

·Orlando, Florida (CNN) -- Authorities Friday apprehended a gunman who entered an Orlando building where he used to work and shot six people, killing one of them, the city's police chief said.

"They left me to rot." click HERE

·Suspect: God Made Me Hate Gay People! Sound familiar? It should to many who discriminate and segregate at CHURCH and everywhere else!

Does God make YOU hate?

Cops: Beating suspect said 'God made me hate gay people', click HERE

¨Bellamy, who was charged with robbery and assault as a hate crime, blamed his alleged actions on a directive from a higher power,¨ click HERE


¨No, it was ignorant, homophobic clergy who told him to hate Gay people!.¨ click HERE

·The Church is at war against all Ugandans who are gay. They want to kill us, to jail us.

By the Church, I mean Christians in Uganda. Not even the Catholics, with their ‘more enlightened’ theory of homosexuality have come out to defend gay Ugandans. No, they are all willing to have gay Ugandans put in prison for life. Or be put to death.¨ read it all, click HERE

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Kirkepiscatoid said...

Once again, you are out there speaking the truth for those who might be killed doing it. That part (the being killed for it) is so very, scarily real in so many parts of the world. It saddens me like you would not believe.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks K,

Thankfully I live in a Latin American Country (as you know) where freedom of speech is available and widely, even wildly used...of course there are ¨other¨ matters that are difficult in this environment but I feel free to discuss the seemingly obvious collapse of decency in the U.S. (and the cause of it) from afar...when one lives in the countryside in a third world country it is quite a bit like looking at the Stars from your chimeny in your backyard but during the daylight too...stark majesty, and thick feelings of spirituality (in reality) is soooo close and there are great ¨spaces¨ to make time for and be able to observe reality in a true way...I feel shocked by the fastmoving degree of hatred that has been instigated against others by religious(?) and ¨right¨ blinded leaders of several stripes...the lack of sensitivity and understanding of the REAL worldwide problems is staggering (and sending money to fill pockets of crooks and HELP them look the other away, won´t fix anything)´s true, each person, I think, needs to be responsible and accountable in a more ¨hands on¨ way for their own actions and matters of service (toward themselves, their families/friends and human beings they´ve never met in far away lands who are oppressed, abused and worse)´s not ok to ¨assume¨ anything is TRUE just because it spews out of the mouth of some once appreciated/admired bigshot (in any venue of life).

I keep beating my drum. I keep beating my drum because the desperation and the insanity continues and people suffer, are abused, are killed (and many of our leaders are cowards or simply not capable of saying NO to wrong done).

The very idea that former governor palin is making book tours and selling ¨books¨ (which of course she was not capable of writing without someone else doing it for her) is disgusting and borders on superstitious quackery...speaking of SNAKE OIL this former Governor couldn´t make her life WORK in Alaska even if a ¨witch doctorlike fundie preacher¨ being flown in from Africa to ¨clear the air¨ from evil spirits (dah, he was the evil spirit). The Muslim Psychiatrist who LOST IT this week (seems like it was a progressive emotional problem that exploded)...He was obviously not a great candidate to be sent to the forefront of killing other Muslims (and apparently made it clear he wasn´t along the way)...what every happened to consciencious objectors? I feel Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, brought all this vileness and greed to a head...naturally they are willing to actively let us flounder NOW in their mistakes and blame them on President Obama...of course Obama loaded with work to be done and undone in every area of American´s not over yet, there will be more ugly messes to clean up and more violence to face (against one another as well as abroad).

Big abrazos to you, and thanks for your very comforting blog where I often go and find my way to the stars.

Leonardo Ricardo

Kirkepiscatoid said...

You bring up a very good point about the Ft. Hood incident, and one I thought about myself. As a devout Muslim, did he attempt to be a conscientious objector in this process and possibly be able to stay stateside and actually HELP those returning from the operations theater? If so, did the Army deny him this status? If he did not try this route, why not? There are so many questions along that route I have asked myself as the news story played out.

Doorman-Priest said...

Deeply, deeply, disturbing stuff.

Doorman-Priest said...

When did intolerance and hatred become Christian qualities?