Nov 9, 2009

SATANS MURDEROUS CHRISTIANS: Uganda’s Antigay Executioners Coached by Another U.S. Evangelical

David Bahati, The Ugandan MP who proposes that gays should be executed

Author of Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill and the "College of Prayer International" spiritual advisor!

The Uganda New Vision reports the latest on David Bahati, the MP behind the proposed draconian "Anti-Homosexuality Bill"; he was among attendees at a recent prayer meeting for parliamentarians, after which eight MPs were selected to be in the servant leadership team for Parliament for three years.

¨They included Ruth Tuma, Alice Alaso, Beatrice Lagada, Moses Ntahobari, Capt. Grace Kyomugisha, Benson Obua, David Bahati and the East African legislative assembly MP, Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu.¨ By Richard Bartholomew, click HERE

“You have to confront the enemy, Satan, using God’s authority,” confront it all, click HERE

Members of the Ugandan Paliament (MP´s) lifting their hands to pray during the college of prayers at Fairway Hotel, Thursday, 5th November, 2009

¨MEMBERS of Parliament have been warned against witchcraft and corrupt tendencies.¨ read more, click HERE

...and now a few words from the much feared and hated ´satanic´ opposition:


·In solidarity as a Christian against the anti-gay bill before the Parliament of Uganda·

¨I am a conservative Christian and I have watched on in horror as my church leaders (Anglican) endorsed the anti-gay bill but are opposed to the death penalty as if that is a concession.

I can't believe that our pastoral mentors who are always stressing that we are all sinners, and that we should forgive fellow sinners could agree to such a hate-filled law...¨

...¨I can not trust politicians nor government as custodians of "morality" one bit and doing so will be laughable, giving them such wide ranging discretion and power will only lead to it's abuse. I will not leave a thief to guard my house! A crime that is next to impossible to prove, is the easiest to abuse, and is one which should not have such punitive punishment. Wait when opponents of this government start being indicted in court with shady witnesses, and their fortunes are left to the mercy of the court, it's one's word against the other and so, the verdict of guilty or innocent will be 50/50 irrespective of guilt or innocence of the accused. (Even pastors have taken to accusing each other of homosexuality)...¨

¨I for one as a Ugandan, fear what lies ahead, this year has been the year of hatred.¨ read the entire eye witness account of the corruption, blaming and shaming already underway in Uganda, click HERE

UPDATED: November 10,2009

KAMPALA, Nov 9 (IPS) - The Ugandan government will put to death gay citizens repeatedly caught having sex and throw into jail those who touch each other in a "gay" way, if a new proposed Bill becomes law.

RIGHTS-UGANDA: "You Cannot Tell Me You Will Kill Me Because I’m Gay" by Wambi Michael, read it all, click HERE

Thinking Anglicans: ¨more Ugandan reports,¨ click HERE

Archbishop Henri Luke Orombi, Uganda

Most appallingly, it is Uganda’s Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi who is spreading the slanderous gossip:

In April 2009, Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi said, “I am appalled to learn that the rumours we have heard for a long time about homosexual recruiting in our schools and amongst our youth are true. I am even more concerned that the practice is more widespread than we originally thought. It is the duty of the church and the government to be watchmen on the wall and to warn and protect our people from harmful and deceitful agendas.” click HERE

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Göran Koch-Swahne said...

The horror of it all!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

One wonders if they are receiving ENOUGH ¨reward already?¨

Revd Ivan Ackeroff said...

These people are the instruments of Satan.