Nov 7, 2009

READY OR NOT ALERT: The Votes Are In! Two African-American Gay Candidates Win on Election Day

¨Despite the setback in Maine for LGBT equality, there were wins for the majority of the 79 LGBT candidates who were running for public office around the country. Notably, two African-American candidates―Charles Pugh and Jass Stewart―were among that group of newly elected officials.¨

History was made in Brockton, Massachusetts. Jass Stewart, 38, became the first African-American person and the first openly gay member of the city council in its 128 year history.

Charles Pugh went from being a former FOX2 television journalist to the first openly gay president-elect of the Detroit City Council.

¨The Votes Are In,¨ click HERE

·Thanks to Glaad Blog, right sidebar
·Thanks to The Citizens of Brockton, Massachusetts
·Thanks to The Citizens of Detroit, Michigan


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

The Arch of Justice bends towards Righteousness.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Good news, indeed!

Lionel Deimel said...

These victories seem not to have been very widely reported. Thanks for noting them.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

You are welcome, every victory for LGBT people at the ballot box is important...we´ll be looking to the run-off election in Houston (and especially to the ¨run up¨ smear demeaning lesson/trick during the ¨campaign¨ ought go un noticed, either).