Nov 23, 2009

ARCHBISHOPS WILLIAMS AND SENTAMU: ¨My country is sanctioning a gay genocide¨ TERROR at The Anglican Communion!

¨Fact is, my world, our world is always beautiful. And, always ugly. It is a struggle to reconcile the beauty with the ugliness. We cannot dwell too much on what is ugly. Yet we cannot forget that it is. Life is the flow of a stream, the course is not smooth, nor predictable.¨

·So, my country is sanctioning a gay genocide·

It is odd that such a terrible statement is true. And yet, the people who are behind it are also adamant that they love gay people. They are just fearful of the spread of the gay disease. Not AIDS. Homosexuality. They fear for themselves. They fear for their children. And, their fear has translated into a fight for life, for people like me. And, we are losing. What horrible things fear can justify!¨ Imagined fears are more portent than those which are not imagined.

·Harsh laws not answer to our sexuality·

¨In the present circumstances, young people and adults of Uganda need to be taught to love, treat and pray for homosexuals, hetero-sexuals, bi-sexuals, tri-sexuals and non-sexuals as they would do for any other person.

We need not be afraid of each other because our sexuality is not contagious! We don’t need to treat each other as freaks because of not understanding each other. We need not even to discuss someone’s sexuality except where the sexuality is a threat to their own and other people’s peace, health, wellbeing and prosperity. In the present circumstances, young people and adults of Uganda need to be taught to love, treat and pray for homosexuals, hetero-sexuals, bi-sexuals, tri-sexuals and non-sexuals as they would do for any other person.¨ The Reverend Canon Gideon B. Byamugisha, HERE

President Museveni, Uganda, wants YOU ¨Dead or Alive¨

·Uganda Proposes Death Penalty for Homosexuals·

¨The leadership of the country of Uganda, home once of the infamous Idi Amin, has proposed the death penalty for "aggravated homosexuality." It's just life for touching someone with " the intention of committing the act of homosexuality”.

In prohibiting the “promotion of homosexuality,” the bill would not only bar political activity on behalf of gay rights, but would also require anyone learning the identity of a sexually active gay person to report that information within 24 hours, or face a stiff fine or jail time.

Take the bad and make it better. But there are no maybes for the gay men of Uganda. There is only the prospect of brutal punishment. As long as those sanctions exist, as long as our brothers suffer, we are all Ugandans HERE

NOTE: The ANGLICAN UN, United Nations, HUMAN RIGHTS Observer, Mrs Hellen Grace Wangusa from Uganda, has an office provided by the Episcopal Church (USA) at the Church Center 815 Second Avenue, New York, 10017. The direct office line is (001) 212-716- 6263 and the email address

·American Evangelicals Play Role In Uganda Effort To ‘Wipe Out’ Gays·

¨In March, American anti-gay activists traveled to Uganda for a conference that pledged to “wipe out” homosexuality HERE . Seven months later, a draconian bill has been introduced that pledges to make good on this threat. The “Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009” is so severe that it is designed to shred the spirit and suffocate the soul of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Ugandans. If it passes, Uganda will become a predator state that actively hunts down GLBT people to destroy them.¨ By Wayne Besen, HERE

·The Anglican Church of Uganda lost ALL ¨Moral High Ground¨·

“I believe it is actually an opportunity for the Archbishop of Canterbury to take back the moral high ground from the Church of Uganda leaders. They have made it abundantly clear that they support the Bill. They support it in its terribleness. And now they have started back peddling. They are in a dilemma. It is almost impossible for them to recant, but the Bill is so terrible that they must recant! These guys have gone too far, and they realise it. They are on the back foot.

Let the Archbishop just be gracious and negotiate with them. I am sure they don’t have a clue on how to retake their international standing. Besides now not having an 'official' stance on the bill, they are stopping the comments. On the day of the debate, the representative of the Church of Uganda who was supposed to support it did not appear. Yes, the pressure is working. Instead, his place was taken by someone else who was sadly funny. Except, the blood they are baying for is mine. They are not in danger!¨ HERE

Bill Number 18, The anti-Homosexual/anti-Human Bill, linked at Gay Uganda, ¨Denying the Facts¨, click HERE

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Anonymous said...

Misguided Christians have incited this hatred with their simplistic view of Christianity. Let's hope they can find a conscience and a deeper level of understanding which helps them to stand up for the persecuted in Uganda as Jesus would have done.

motheramelia said...

Uganda sounds so much like Nazi Germany. Uganda has not gotten over the Idi Amin times. Just different people in power. Appeasement doesn't work.

Erika Baker said...

Appeasement is not a Christian option. Peaceful protest, loud peaceful protest, dignified loud, peaceful protest is the only Christian option.