Nov 14, 2009

ARCHBISHOPS WILLIAMS/SENTAMU: We are “dismayed and shocked¨ at your silence regarding the anti-LGBT legislation in UGANDA!

“A deafening silence comes from the Anglican Church in Britain towards the proposed draconian private members Bill currently before the Ugandan Parliament regarding homosexuality”
Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and ¨First amongst equals¨ at The Anglican Communion

“If ever there was a time for the Archbishops to speak out to protect human rights, is this not it?”

Reverend Sharon Ferguson, Chief Executive of LGCM said she was “dismayed and shocked at this silence from the Archbishops regarding this flagrant vilification of LGBT people in Uganda.”

¨While some Anglican primates, such as Archbishop Peter Akinola, have refused to condemn physical assaults on gay people, most of those who oppose homosexual practice insist that they do not believe in persecuting gay people. The extent to which they speak out on the Ugandan situation is likely to be seen by many as a measure of their sincerity.¨ HERE

The Most Reverend John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, “will not be making a statement on this issue”.

¨The Archbishop of York, who grew up in rural Uganda, has said that he intends to stay silent about proposed legislation in the country which would introduce the death penalty for certain consensual homosexual acts.¨

Ugandan ´Mega Church´Pastor Robert Kayanja, Brother of John Sentamu, Archbishop of York

¨Pastor Kayanja is very, very strong. His is 'Rubaga Miracle Cathedral'... and it is a mega church. He has recently opened a TV station in Uganda. Christian. And his ministry spans the earth. Yes, it does. He has good connections with the First Family, and has given of his accumulating wealth, judiciously. I mean, he has been giving to the police. Gifts of appreciation HERE

¨Kampala — THE first half of this year left its mark in the history of Uganda's Born-again church. Renowned pastor, Robert Kayanja, was accused of sodomy.

A group of five pastors and their colleagues pinned the Rubaga Miracle Centre cleric but Kayanja denied the allegations, calling them mudslinging.

The accusers were pastors Michael Kyazze, Martin Ssempa, Solomon Male, Kayiira and Semujju.¨ HERE

¨End result, the police exhonerated Pastor Kayanja, who continues his ministry. The other pastors are in court, for defamation, and other things.... Yeah, they actually are alleged to have given money to some young men to accuse Kayanja of having been gay.¨

The same Kayanja who is brother to Archbishop of York Sentamu.

Small world, isnt it?

UPDATE: Anglican Communion’s Tangled Connections To Uganda’s Anti-Gay Pogrom

¨There has been considerable consternation over the worldwide Anglican Communion’s silence on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill that is now before Uganda’s Parliament. That bill would reaffirm a penalty of life imprisonment for anyone convicted of being gay and impose the death penalty under certain circumstances.

It would also criminalize all advocacy on behalf of LGBT citizens, and impose criminal penalties on family, friends, teachers, counselors and ministers who fail to report LGBT persons to the police.¨



¨The new bill would outlaw Integrity Uganda and would put clergy, physicians and relatives who support their gay and lesbian neighbors and family members at risk for severe fines and possible imprisonment. The proposed law may mean neighbors who do not inform on each other for supporting LGBT civil rights are subject to punishment. We have not seen such a draconian system of isolation and institutional rejection of a minority community in Uganda since the anti Jewish laws passed by the Third Reich.¨ HERE

Ugandan President Museveni has joined the anti-gay crusade, saying he had received reports suggesting that “European homosexuals” had launched a recruitment drive in Africa.HERE

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for making people aware of what is happening. The Anglican Church's silence about this criminal.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Brothers? I know one doesn't chose them, but what a scandal!