Nov 2, 2009

ATTENTION PRESIDENT MUSEVENI: Protect ¨personal freedoms¨ and NO to ¨divide and rule¨ tactics for UGANDA!

Dear President Yoweri Museveni, Please BLOCK the anti-Human Rights, ¨Anti-Homosexual Bill 2009¨ legislation currently tabled at the Ugandan Parliament!


"The National Resistance Movement has an unwavering commitment to the respect of HUMAN RIGHTS and the sanctity of life.¨

¨We waged a protracted war against tyranny on a platform of restoring personal freedoms and the amelioration of the socio-economic conditions of our people – that is the cornerstone of our programme."

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Uganda

¨President Museveni accepts heterogeneity as a matter of course because it mirrors the social spectrum of Ugandan society. He formed a broad-based government and demonstrated to Ugandans that although they had different political, social and religious backgrounds, they had a lot in common and a common destiny, contrary to the divide-and-rule tactics previous politicians had used to fragment Ugandan society.¨

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Uganda

Mr. President:

Article 29(1)(a)of the Uganda Constitution entrenches ‘freedom of speech and expression which shall include freedom of the press and other media

President Museveni, please defend the ¨freedom of speech and expression¨ for ALL of your Ugandan citizens.

ABANDON, BLOCK OR VETO the ¨Anti-Homosexuality 2009¨ Bill before the Ugandan Parliament.

Thanks to Uganda Civil Alliance Network
Thanks to Wikipedia
Thanks to The State House of Uganda
Thanks to The National Resistance Movement (Human Rights)


Anonymous said...

Dear Frank and Valentine,
This is a sad day in Uganda’s history. This bill is likely going through parliament, because the latter is (i) controlled by Museveni, (ii) the parliament does not relate issues of Human Rights to the Constitution. Therefore, the Parliament just votes what they are instructed to effect.
If one looks at the bill, it is poorly prepared and not thought through (no reasonable person has applied their mind) – not written by lawyers – because no one in this world, except in dictatorship world, where one can be held liable for ‘offences of a relative or associate’. How can a parent, teacher, or employer be held liable for gay activities around them? How come there is no body held liable for corruption carried around parents, teachers, or employers? All the corruptions are ‘dressed up in courts, and in political languages’. Nobody can say there is no corruption cover-up when you see sky-creepers, or bungalows in Kampala, by persons whose salary can never build them, even in decades of work.
Frank and Valentine, my suggestion and therefore, advise is;
(i) presently request all the Gay-Lesbian countries to collect or campaign for massive (millions US$) amounts of money
(ii) wait until the bill is passed, and accented to by the President
(iii) then mount unprecedented legal battles in Uganda against the new act under, amongst others, the Articles of Freedom, Equality – using the most powerful Humans Rights and Constitutional lawyers in Uganda, East Africa, South Africa and USA which should shock and awe Museveni.
God Bless
Peter (the rock)

Anonymous said...

4sure u cant hide this soddom and gomora products. we will 4sure be burnt in hell of fire as if we all controbuted! but if we ugandans allow them amongest us we would have allowed them to rot our morals , god fearing culture and community.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Anon,

The ¨morals¨ in Uganda have been rotted for a very long have HUGE moral problems that you fail to address but want to harp about LGBT people (whom you don´t know anything about)...please, use your head instead on the damaged spiritual nonsense of zealot Christian leaders...your country is running on empty with deadly behavior...human sacrifices, murdering child witches, abusing women, sexual slavery...exploitation of one another...try and get a grip on what the real Ugandan moral challenges have been lied to and deceived...most likely for money and power (other peoples) not God. Find spiritual leadership of the sane variety...stay away from sin blaming...there is no place to hide.