Nov 13, 2009

ATTENTION GREG VENABLES: An Argentine judge has granted a homosexual couple permission to get married

Presiding Bishop Greg Venables, a British Anglican priest, Bishop of Argentina and opposed to ¨Gay Marriage¨ and LGBT Christians participating at all levels of Churchlife


Dear Bishop Greg,

While you were away, and then away again and then after you became way over your head recruiting/conjuring up ill for ¨Gay¨ Christians/others with like minded anti-LGBT Anglicans at Gafcon and the The Global South ¨intrigues¨ (where your dangerous/superstitious buddies +Akinola and +Orombi of Nigeria/Uganda supported draconian legislation against LGBT Christians and others) you were apparently NOT MISSED in ARGENTINA!

Holy Vaca, oh me, oh my, what to do? Your ministry of abominating/demonizing and marginalizing others and your not-so-sacred ¨word¨ has gone unheeded (in fact, rejected completely down Conealone way).

Argentines apparently didn´t notice your absense in Buenos Aires even earlier on Bishop Greg when it became the region's first city to approve civil unions between same sex couples in 2002...but you knew that already, didn´t ye Greg? The Christians/others in Argentina simply weren´t interested in the fear and hate and everyday bigotry and exclusion that you´ve been peddling at your home Province Church and abroad. No sale. No soap. No Pesos. No Monedas.

BREAKING NEWS especially for Marriage Equality enthusiasts and +Greg and his destructive Gafcon accomplices:

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - An Argentine judge has granted a homosexual couple permission to get married, setting a precedent that could pave the way for the Catholic country to become the first in Latin America to allow same-sex marriage.¨ read it all, click HERE

But the best quote of the day went to the mayor of Buenos Aires, who despite being part of a political party that is often reticent on LGBT rights, said that he would not stop the judge's ruling from taking effect:

"The world is heading in this direction," said Mayor Mauricio Macri. "What we have to learn is to live in liberty without violating the rights of others." read it all, click HERE


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Dusty in the San Joaquin said...

I imagine he was out playing with Schofield. But none the less the time has come and The Episcopal Church USA is the leader.

Dusty in the San Joaquin

Grandmère Mimi said...

Len, what good news! And what a wonderful post. I love "down Conealone way".

Waaaay south of the border
Down Conealone way.
That's where we fell in love
Where stars above came out to play.
And we two now know, dear,
That the judge ruled our way,
Waaaay south of the border
Down Conealone way.

And we smiled as we whispered, "Mañana",
Dreaming of how our wedding would be.
It's no lie when we whisper "Mañana",
For our tomorrow surely will be.

Waaay south of the border....

Pardon me. I got carried away.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

That´s my first blog serenade...I loved it, and you used my lyric too...what a wonder you are, dear Mimi, as you SEE more and more of Gods splendid reality!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Any time, Len, any time. All you need to do is ask.

Hanyerere said...

A forest of words with a desert of sense! There is nothing like pretending, here we are trying to face reality. You will continue defending the devil till you find yourself in hell, but Jesus wants you back home for he died for you at Calvary.

Anyway we do not blame you so much for we know it is the work of the devil working through you. We pray for you day and night, our sole desire is to see to it that you see light coz you are doomed! The fight is not against you for we know your weakness. Anything as simple as a simple dollar can make you suck another person's pupu in the name of sodomy.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

We pray for you day and night¨ Hanyerere

Don´t pray for me you moron, pray for yourself because you are a MURDERER or certainly an accomplice to murder...clean up your historical despotic act and you will find, that if you are capable of being personally responsible for your fears, resentments and self-loathing, you can live in a WORLD of Gods love, until that time, don´t give me the ¨weakness¨ talk when you, in fact, have a deeply damaged, are emotionally sick as well as spiritually live in Uganda, you believe in GENOCIDE you are spiritually defective and need help badly and a understanding of what THOU SHALT NO KILL means! Got it? Don´t come back here and contaminate my blog with your feardriven sickness until YOU REPENT your murderous intentions!

Murderers are not welcome here!