Nov 12, 2009

Andrew Mwenda ROARS: ¨Christian Hypocrisy is driving most of our gay bashers in Uganda¨

Andrew Mwenda, tackles the lion in his den and takes on the Bahati bill, and does logical reasoning a favor. Gay Uganda

·First Martin Mwenda tackles the Christian hypocrisy that is driving most of our gay bashers in the country·

"a friend told me recently: “I think all homos must be killed. My strong Christian values prohibit me from tolerating this evil.”" adding, for good measure, "My friend takes pride in “laying” girls. When I asked him why his Christian faith does not stop him from fornication, he went silent."

·Second Martin Mwenda makes the point that "The state should not be used to enforce God’s will. Nor should Martin Sempa and Nsaba Buturo constitute themselves into a religious police to enforce it¨·

"It would therefore be dangerous for the state to visit people’s bedrooms every night to ensure that sex is enjoyed only through the legislated style. For example, should the government investigate whether Bahati performs oral sex or whether Buturo masturbates?"

¨Bravo Mwenda, Bravo, you have done it again, swimming against the tide, but this time, defending homosexuals, you may have bitten off more than what even you can chew! Gay Ugandans are more hated in Uganda than the govt excesses!¨ read it all, click HERE

·Thanks to The Independent, Uganda
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·Thanks to Martin Mwenda, LION of a man!


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

The situation in Uganda is horrible. And this is just part of it!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

A part intended to cover the whole...

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Exactly, this group of Ugandan zealots think they invented persecution and hate (and pogrom)...last night I was thinking how Seempa, Buturo and Orombi have taken their manhood ¨issues¨ to a very, very sick place as they attempt to erradicate others with their rationalized religious nonsense...THEY want to start a worldwide campaign of crimes against is them that can not accept REALITY...insane behavior from twisted men.

R. Blameless Hanyerere said...

Skewness is not normal. For us in uganda we are going to fight to the last breath against the moral confusion, inequity, abomination and sin of sodomy. Here common sense should apply...even animals if given an opportunity to speak out would not substitute their rectums for genitals.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Blameless Coward,

No wonder your blameless. First of all most animals have same sex animal behavior documented in their ¨animal Worlds¨...Second, who is it you´re fighting? Would you be fighting the heterosexual SEX SLAVE industry (that has a ¨girl/boy¨ division obviously intended to serve sick perverts)?

Or do you simply prefer to continue to PERSECUTE your family members who are LGBT everyday Christian/other people? You know, people like your Uncle/Aunt, Sister/Brother...perhaps your COUSINS or simple friends and coworkers...just WHO do you think has been sitting their, err, rectums NEXT to YOURS at CHURCH?

You can keep pretending and living in a state of conjured up Biblical fear and hate endlessly or attempt to discover a little bit of TRUTH...sometimes reality isn´t as bad as you might assume it to be but please stay away from those religious scam artists who actually endanger your personal INTEGRITY as well as your Soul!