Nov 3, 2011

SALUTING OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY: ¨The No Anglican Covenant¨ Coalition

¨A year ago today, the No Anglican Covenant announced that it had come on the scene to defeat adoption of the Anglican Covenant. The date of November 3 was chosen because it is the day that Anglicans remember Richard Hooker, that quintessential Anglican theologian who, we believed, would be appalled at the direction the Anglican Communion seemed to be headed.

As the Coalition celebrates its first birthday, there is cause for both optimism and concern. The program to impose a repressive covenant on worldwide Anglicanism has lost momentum. Few churches have adopted it, and some of those that have have framed their actions in ways that undermine the intent of the proposed agreement. The GAFCON churches have largely rejected the Covenant as inadequate, and many Western churches are expected to reject it as too intrusive. The Covenant is not dead, but it is severely wounded...¨ please read it all, by Lionel Deimel, HERE

¨A year ago today the No Anglican Covenant Coalition was born. We have tried to articulate clearly the arguments for an against the Anglican Covenant and to explain our deep concerns about signing a document that seeks to relegate faithful brothers and sisters to second class Anglicansplease read it all, by Lesley+ HERE

¨We say that we are saved by grace, not by law, and yet it is so easy to act as if the opposite is true. What did Jesus say about such things?¨ please read it all, by Mark Bennett, HERE


¨A year ago, a small dedicated group of Anglicans from around the world, began a campaign against a conspiracy. We set out, 23 bloggers of the NO Anglican Covenant Coalition, to defeat an entire hierarchy.

We have a secret weapon - the Covenant. The document is indefensible, and its proponents know it. In fact, one reason it is failing is that when anyone right or left questions the document, its defenders talk or write about something else. In a sense they have to do that, the proposed Covenant is that bad.

None-the-less, errors are not defeated without effort. The Coalition has organized and focused that effort, and I am proud of our work. We are far from done, but in a year, I think we have made a good beginning!  from Jim B, HERE

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