Nov 30, 2011

THE GREAT WISDOM OF THE NIGERIAN SENATE: ¨Straights who support a same sex marriage go directly to jail for ten years¨

Anglican Archbishop of Nigeria, Nicholas Okoh, Anti-lgbt ¨Great Evil¨ hate law promoter HERE
¨You might consider forwarding this story to your straight friends so they are fully informed because they are now at risk! The massive epidemic of hate against LGBT people continues unchecked in Africa. The latest is Nigeria. In all their wisdom, the Nigerian senate just passed legislation that would send not only their LGBT citizens to prison for marrying BUT also send any straight friends who supported them in their marriage to prison too!!!

Guilt by association in Nigeria
Yep, that is right, there is a new twist happening in some of the homophobic legislation that is being passed. Straights who support a same sex marriage go directly to jail with us for ten years. You read it right. Ten years in jail for witnessing our marraige! Wonder if they will allow us neighboring cells so we can stay in touch?  don´t miss a word of Nigerian wisdom, HERE

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motheramelia said...

It is hard for me to fathom such hateful stupidity.